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Here’s How to Be a Better Online Lover

Most people find themselves in long distance relationships where they cannot see their partner as often as they would like. And sometimes, to breach the physical gap, they embrace the comfort of the internet and turn their love life into a global village with just two people.

Aside from those with distance barrier, there are also those groovy lovers who love to experiment and keep things extra spicy. The internet makes this a lot easier; to either seduce your lover at work or give them something to look forward to.

Photo: Pinterest

But there is always the possibility of this pleasurable attempt turning into a rude shock or ending up as a disappointment.

Here are a few tips to help you become a better lover and see that your love life flourishes online:

Subtle is sexy: There is no turn on in the bluntness of it all, avoid being too explicit or too direct because, to be honest, shocking sexual sentences do not always work. Instead, put a veil over your intentions and take things slow.

Do not be in a rush: Slowly work you and your partner up to orgasm. Don’t be too much in a rush but rather, work the tempo and see that partner doesn’t get disinterested at any time.

Do not be selfish: Bear it in mind that this involves this involves two persons, you and your partner. Do not be selfish and run for the finish line alone, instead, make sure, you are both leading each other to maximum satisfaction.

Use your words, silence is not golden: Shy away from awkward silences where you both are thinking of the next response and asking, ‘are you there?’ Try to develop every plot and savour every scenario.

Use pictures: No, not just the nude ones you send, but paint mental pictures in the mind of your lover of things you would like to do to them, what you are wearing and how you would make them feel.

Be online! Really, it is frustrating when someone is trying to get a sexual rise out of you or when you are trying to do same and the person keeps shuffling in and out of line and taking too long to return. Fast responses are key, stay online!

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