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How Baddhia is Helping Africans Find Compatible Partners and Rekindle Intimacy in Romantic Relationships

24 November 2022   |   2:00 pm
"Baddhia is helping Africans build happy and healthy lifelong romantic relationships by mitigating incompatibility challenges and emotional deficits with our exclusive product offerings and unique brand solutions." – Charles Mathews, Cofounder, Baddhia.

“Baddhia is helping Africans build happy and healthy lifelong romantic relationships by mitigating incompatibility challenges and emotional deficits with our exclusive product offerings and unique brand solutions.” Charles Mathews, Cofounder, Baddhia.

Baddhia is not a regular dating or matchmaking app. Baddhia is an online matchmaking, intimacy-building, and social commerce platform that is helping people build happy and lifelong romantic relationships while supporting SMEs in Africa.

Unlike other dating apps, Baddhia’s matchmaking service utilizes compatibility assessments that address psychographic deficiencies and other factors such as dating expectations, genotype, etc. This lessens the possibility of superficial connections and mitigates incompatibility issues by assisting users in finding compatible companions with honest intentions.

“I learned about the Baddhia app from a friend. After a while of being single, I wanted to start a committed relationship. My interaction with the software has been absolutely fantastic. I was paired with a compatible companion, and we have been together for three months now.” – Chika.

The Baddhia app offers a unique product feature that lets lovers and admirers arrange romantic outings and activities through its linked vendors and to send gifts online, helping them create special occasions. As the app offers doorstep delivery, it gives a stress-free choice that enables the convenience of shopping from its wide network of sellers and delivering gifts to admirers and lovers. In this way, the app offers SMEs a platform to boost consumer awareness and drive business growth.

“Simply because I joined Baddhia, I am now better able to show my partner my affection. Through the app, I can send gifts to my partner and have them delivered when I want them and on time. This allows me to express my feelings for her in my own terms. Excellent experience so far. – Seyi.

Additionally, the Baddhia app also gives you access to hundreds of customizable, one-of-a-kind emoji with pre-filled love notes that enable the exchange of romantic messages and words of affirmation, assisting you in sharing your private thoughts and reinforcing your sentiments. To help rekindle intimacy in relationships, especially marriage, users also have unique access to relationship advice and branded events. As a result, the app encourages genuine displays of affection and passion by enabling users to honestly communicate their love language to their partners in order to deepen connection.

“To spice up my relationship, I joined Baddhia. Gift-giving and gift-receiving is my favorite love languages. I enjoy using Baddhia since it enables me to give gifts to my companions as well as personalized love emoticons that strengthen our relationship.” Halima.

In conclusion, Baddhia aims to inspire bliss by minimizing incompatibility problems in relationships and marriage that may lead to breakups and emotional trauma that can have a negative impact on our physical and mental health, make us unhealthy and unhappy, and affect our social interactions and performance at work.

“This is one app that I’m recommending to other people to spice up their relationships and marriages. I got on Baddhia and invited my partner as an exclusive partner, and the experience has been nothing short of spectacular. With so many ways for my partner and I to spice up our love lives, we’ve taken our relationships to the next level.” Blessing.

The Baddhia app is currently available on the Google Play Store for free download. If you use an iOS device, kindly join the waiting list for iOS users to get important updates as we currently work on launching for iOS users in the subsequent months.

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