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How Often Do You Really Need To Change Your Bed Sheets?

Every week, there is a possibility that you spend between 49 to 63 hours in bed lying on those sheets. This leaves quite a lot of time for sweat, dirt, oil, makeup and other allergens to build up. Add all that up and one could get skin issues like those breakouts we hate, allergy symptoms and even fungal infections.

Sounds scary, right?

This is why it is very important to keep your sheets clean. But how often should you wash and change your bedding?

Man sleeping. Photo: Zimbabwe Latest News


We all know that washing them too often may cause them to wear out and fade. But washing them too rarely can let all that dirt and allergens build up.

Well, there is no rule for how often to wash your sheets. But a good rule of thumb is to change them once a week. Or you can stretch that out to once in two weeks if you don’t sweat while you sleep.

Also, remember to have them washed once you have been sick to kill any lingering germs. You don’t want to give yourself a cold all over again.

Another tip, especially when you cannot wash your sheets every week, is to wash your pillowcases once a week. This is because your face is more likely to break out than other areas in your body. You can also ingest allergens like dust mites more easily through your nose and mouth.

Woman sleeping. Photo: Reader’s Digest

When washing your sheets, use warm water and not hot water which can shrink the fibres in the fabric, making it easier for them to wear out. Also, make sure your sheets are completely dry before you store them, otherwise, mildew may form on them.

One last thing to note is that not every single thing on your bed needs to be washed often. Duvet covers should be washed once a month. Pillows, comforters and blankets should be washed only a few times a year. You can wash them once every three months. Wash these items delicately and make sure to rinse properly to get all the soap out.

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