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How To Stay Mentally Stable With A Toxic Co-Worker

No matter where you work, you’re bound to come across a difficult coworker. And if you’re not careful, one individual could ruin your entire work experience—and perhaps even damage your career.

Toxic coworkers can drain you of the mental strength you need to do your best—if you let them.

But even with all of these, you still have to maintain a healthy working relationship with such people. Here are some strategies you can use:

You can ONLY control yourself not anyone else.

You can’t control your coworkers. You can only control how you respond to them.

So put that same energy into taking positive action. Whether you decide your best option is to confront your coworker, or you think your best choice is to put your energy into biting your tongue, use your resources- time and energy -wisely.


Have a direct conversation.

When it comes to dealing with a toxic person, you don’t have to stay passive. Instead, establish boundaries that make your expectations clear. Just keep in mind, you can’t change the other person’s personality but you can call them out on specific behaviors.

But holding a direct conversation and setting firm boundaries can save you from feeling more stress in the long-term. Just be prepared for how you’ll respond if the problem continues to happen.

Practice healthy coping skills.

Dealing with a toxic coworker can take a serious toll on you. It’s important to practice healthy coping skills to help you stay strong in the midst of a stressful situation.

Take care of your mind and your body. It’s impossible to stay mentally strong if you’re eating a poor diet or you’re not getting adequate sleep.  Get plenty of exercise to help you combat the negative effects of stress.

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