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How To Avoid Foot Infection This Rainy Season

The effect of the rainy is felt mostly on the feet. The mud and murky water from the street are fraught with many infectious agents that most time has more contact with the feet. Here are ways to care for them to ensure that they are protected and these infections are avoided.

Foot infections thrive when the area is moist, wear shoes to protect your feet against moist-thriving bacteria and fungi. Shoes provide protection better than sandals.

Photo credit: Footfiles

It might not be easy to avoid the feet being moist for a long time as water can still seep through shoes. Scrub the feet thoroughly as often as possible with soap for about 10 minutes while taking a bath.

Try as much as possible to keep the feet dry while at home. Apply talcum powder to keep them dry and prevent bacteria from infecting the feet.

It is safer to stay at home when there is feet infection. Do not expose the feet in public places especially swimming pools or bathrooms as there could be the presence of bacteria.

Wear a new pair of socks daily or twice daily because of sweat.

Just as some people moisturise their hands to make it soft, apply antiseptic and moisturiser to the feet to clear any fungi or bacteria.

In case there is any flakiness or redness on the feet, consult a doctor.

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