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How To Declutter Your Space

Clutter is often a reflection of your day-to-day organising routine as failure to keep items in their right position will lead to a large heap of clutter which hinders movement and makes the living space choked.

Decluttering involves freeing up your space by getting rid of clutter. Planning on how and when you are going to declutter is integral to freeing up your space as it helps to keep you focused. Don’t just rush into decluttering because you will lose the zeal for it when you realise how much clutter you have in your space instead have a defined start and a proposed end for the exercise.

When decluttering, start from the least cluttered room to the most cluttered or vice versa depending on your preference but make sure you follow through with the plan. Don’t try to house declutter a large living space in a day it will leave you exhausted and frustrated. Instead, declutter your living space gradually.

Also, try to get help when decluttering your space. You can get a friend or family member to help you or hire some form of help to assist you in the cleaning process. Don’t procrastinate returning items to their right position so you can avoid clutter generally.

Instead of packing some unnecessary items to a box and keeping it in your space rather donate them, sell them if they are still useful or throw the clutter in the waste bin. Try to stick with the plan of decluttering your living space within the proposed time frame.

If you are emotionally attached to some of the items then ask for a third person’s advice on what to sell, donate or throw away in the trash. Gradually you will free up your living space by following the tips above.

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