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How To Get Motivated To Workout

Unless you are an Olympic athlete, it can be quite difficult to find ways to stay motivated to workout. Working out is a mental thing as it is physical, and sometimes the only to get your body to move is to mentally prep yourself.

Here are things you could do to workout more.

Buy new workout gears

Sometimes, the best way to workout is when you have cool workout clothes. Depending on our budget, invest in colourful workout clothes, shoes, and technology.

Lay them out where you can see them the night before you go to bed so that they’re the first thing you see when you wake up. The sight of it might help you become inspired.

Workout gears. Photo credit: outsideline


Put a poster of a body you admire on your wall or as a phone wallpaper

Having something or someone to aspire to is always a good motivational booster. Have a picture of a model, friend or celebrity you admire where you can see it all the time, this will help you to keep the zeal to workout because you want to be the best of yourself.


Beyonce. Photo credit: pinimg


Buy/download a workout video

Sight is a very compelling attribute, and sometimes the only way to know what to do is when you see other people doing it. Download or buy a workout video which you could play on your TV, phone or laptop and workout.

Most of these videos have different levels depending on your workout experience, they also give you time to take short breaks between sets.


Shaun T’s cize workout still. Photo credit: ytimg


Follow fitfam pages on social media

It can be frightening to know when we calculate the amount of time we spend on social media, and between Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram, that’s a lot. You could follow people and pages on social media based solely on workouts, seeing them all the time will definitely boost your morale to start working out.

fitness. Photo credit: twimg

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