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How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs And Shaving Bumps

Ingrown hairs and shaving bumps are very uncomfortable for women and men alike. They are itchy, unpleasant to look at and can become inflamed.

Your hair becomes ingrown after you have shaved a part of your body and the hair grows inwards into your skin.

They appear after shaving off the hair on your jawline, armpits, legs and the area around your bikini line.


As you know there are different tools and options available in supermarkets and beauty centres to help you take the hair off your body such as razors (shaving sticks), clippers, hot wax and for those that want to go into a long-term relationship with hairless skin then you can try Laser treatment.

Below are tips to reduce ingrown hairs and maintain smooth skin after a shaving session:


Razors and Shaving Sticks

A lady Shaving her legs

Photo Brayden Olson

The trick to reducing bumps and ingrown hair when using a shaving stick is to shave off hairs when your skin is soft and moist like after a long shower.
Shave gently in the direction of your hair growth and use a shaving stick like the Bic Comfort 2 with Aloe + Vitamins.


Sugar Wax

Sugar scrub

Photo Pixabay

A sugar wax will be the better option to consider if you go through with a waxing session because unlike regular synthetic wax this organic option is gentler and pulls less on your skin.

It’s less painful and best for sensitive skin as it’s all natural and attaches more to the hair than to the skin. Book an appointment at a traditional beauty spa.

After shaving or waxing apply a thin layer of soothing balm to relieve soreness and prevent irritation, try a cocoa butter balm.

A lady waxing

Photo Getty images

Treating ingrown hair

Do not scrub hard on the bumps that have already been caused by ingrown hairs because that will only cause more skin damage, instead use a chemical exfoliator to remove the dead skin causing blockage, try peeling acids like Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs).

If you notice a loop of hair that has curled into your skin, use a pair of clean tweezers to remove and redirect the curled hair from your skin.

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