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How To Help A Man Make Up His Mind

People say when you fall in love, you put your heart at risk. Although many people can relate to this saying, it shouldn’t be.

Falling in love is one of the most beautiful things on the planet. Knowing that you are loved can literally transform your life and give you strength to do things you never knew you could.

Yet, your mind can entertain mixed signals when you are uncertain that your partner loves you as much as you do.

Often times, men are scared of committing not because they do not want to but a lot of thought that goes into the relationship. In this regard, they consider if they are mental, physically and financially fit and if it is you they really want.

He can continue to treat you like the girlfriend you have always wanted to be but will not want an exclusive relationship. This gesture is enough to make you question your relationship status for years.

To avoid this headache, go unconventional.

Ask him what he wants in a gentle and loving manner. Let him know that you can move on if he is not ready to take it a bit further.

We know you have heard that it is not in the woman’s place to ask important questions like this. But the times are changing. You have to define what your relationship so that you prevent heartaches or have your beautiful love story. It will also make you understand and see the truth of what he thinks of your “relationship”.


If you do not want to ask, ask with your actions. Don’t know how?

Get involved in an activity that does not include him. It could be a sporting activity or a vacation. If he really loves you, he’d want to be involved in things that you are interested in especially if he knows that there will be other men available.

You might be scared that you will lose him but if you begin to think that one wants to forgo what they cherish, you’d appreciate this stance altogether.

Why wait when you need the truth?

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