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How To Make Freckles Look Natural

How To Make Freckles Look Natural

If you’re trying to achieve a warm, nude makeup look that makes you look cute and playful, fake freckles are just the thing! Unlike concealing and highlights, applying fake freckles requires little precision. The more scattered they are, the prettier and more natural-looking.


Freckles have become a trend nowadays, possibly because people want to look like they’ve spent hours in the sun, even though they have been sitting at home all week.

Keeping up with trends can be exhausting, but this particular freckle trend is a breath of fresh air. Why? Because it requires little effort! You do not need to calculate the best angle as you would with a winged liner. Secondly, smudging them is part of the plan!

Another interesting thing about fake freckles is that they help you cover up real blemishes. Applying fake freckles on zits and blackheads conceals them. Talk about two birds, one stone.

Here’s all you need to know to draw on natural-looking freckles.

What do I Need?
Just like in video games, the first step is to choose your player. In this case, the players are tools. Many women on the internet love using their brow pencils, but I will highlight some options available to you.

● Brow pencil
This item is already in your makeup box, so it probably is the most accessible option. However, the brow pencil that gives you full, fuzzy brows may not cut it for fake freckles. Try a shade lighter, or a softer shade of brown to achieve a flawless freckled look.

● Eyeliner
If you happen to have a brown eyeliner pencil lying around and you aren’t sure what to use it for, this is a fine chance to put it to use. Eyeliner may be difficult to clean off, and that’s good if you plan to be out all day and don’t want your freckles disappearing. On the downside, any mistakes you make will not be easily corrected.

● Henna
This product is already popular for its long-lasting nature. You do not want to use this if you’re an amateur, or if you’re going to be changing outfits very soon. A single application could last weeks, so this is definitely your pick if you plan to look cute in school.

● Freckle pencils
You are not the only one trying to keep up with the trend! Companies have already produced pencils and gels that give the most perfect, natural-looking freckles on different skin types.

Now that you have an idea about what to use, let’s talk about how to get that natural freckled look.

Prime your Face
This of course includes your sunscreen, you’re trying to look sun-kissed, not get sunburnt. Apply on some moisturiser as well. The healthier your skin looks, the more the freckles blend in. after that, you want to put on some foundation.

Get Freckled
This is the part where you create little misshaped and irregularly placed dots on your face. Concentrate on your nose and cheekbones, thinning out the dots as you move away. Remember to make them random; they shouldn’t follow any pattern at all.

You want to create the illusion that these dots come from beneath your skin, not from the top. With your fingertips, touch the top of every freckle a few times, blending it out with its surrounding. This gives it the soft, natural look that you want.

Take a few steps away from the mirror and assess your creativity. Do you need more dots? Are they too faint? If all is well and good, finish up with translucent powder or setting spray to keep your makeup in check.

Bonus; Simple Hacks to Achieve Natural Looking Freckles.
1. Use a pencil a shade lighter than your hair and brows.
2. Do not make all the dots round. You want them to have different shapes.
3. Always moisturise. This helps the freckles sit in better.
4. Dust on a little bronzer. Thank me later.

That being said, fake freckles are a clumsy girl’s dream come true. So right after you nail that messy bun, apply some fake freckles on your face and you have yourself a dreamy little doll.

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