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How To Manage Failure

It is very true when they say success as many friends but what about failure? The path of failure is often lonely and a path often avoided by everyone. Failure is part of life experiences but the trick question is what to do next after you failed.

Below are helpful tips to manage failure:

Feedback from the support system

Ask your friends or family members for their own perspective about the failed project. The reality is that your reality may become subjective due to your experience with failure hence affecting your judgment of the situation. Friends or family members are in a better position to be more objective as they are not the ones battling with failure.

Unburden  yourself

Bottling down your feelings after a failed project is not the best for your mental health. It is okay to cry if you can’t express your frustration, exercise daily to take the pressure off you, take a break to unburden yourself, stroll, listen to soothing music, watch a movie, get a body massage or talk to a loved one about your dilemma.


Speak to your mentor about his/her perspective about the failed projects, possible causes and solution to the problem. Mentors are generally more experienced, hence, their counsel is often invaluable as they are authorities in their field.


Praying about the failed project and your struggles can help lessen the burdens. Just like communicating with humans, you can also communicate through prayers based on your beliefs.


You can only try to examine the situation yourself when you are emotionally relieved from the constraints of failure. Questions like what caused me to fail? What could I have done differently? What did I learn from failure?

In the words of Aristotle: “To thyself be true”.

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