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How To Tell He Is “In Love” With You

On a general scale, people can get attached to their assumed partner emotionally especially when there are mixed signals. Mixed signals can be disturbingly confusing. Fortunately, there are ways a lady can tell her “partner” is not in love with her:

Men can be very calculative especially when you have been hanging around for a long time. Because of this, he will take caution or be uninterested in the future when you bring up talks about the future. Without trying to mince words, a man who is clearly interested in you will more often than not, see you in his future.

Not every man wants his relationship to go public. However, a man who is into you will make people he considers important in his life aware of his relationship with you. Note that private is different from hiding your partner.


If you ever find yourself making decisions that will benefit or strengthen your relationship every time, you might as well be in a relationship with yourself. No matter how financially fit he is, men like to feel that they are making an input in their relationship and that includes big things like decision-making.

In fact, some men feel like taking decisions in big issues validates their effort in the relationship. Ensuring that things turn out fine is a man’s finesse. If he acts like he does not care about what you have been engaged in, you should perhaps pull out the relationship.

Have you watched films where a man leaves his buddies just to be with you? That is a man in love. Time and energy are important to mature men. Hence they cannot afford to waste both on someone they are not in love with.

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