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Ikorodu Bois: Making A Difference With Everyday Items

Ikorodu Bois: Making A Difference With Everyday Items

Many often believe that to make a difference, they need to do big things, however, the Ikorodu Bois; Muiz Sanni, Malik Sanni, and Fawas Aina have successfully shown us over and over again that you can enjoy the little thing in life because one day, you will look back and realize how big they were.


These kids with their elder brother, Babatunde Sanni who helps edit the videos and manage the stars started since 2017,  have shown how dedication, thirst for greatness, and consistency work together to make the greatest people.

Their first picture replicating Femi Adebayo brought them to the limelight, since then, it has been a journey of laughter and creativity with them and their numerous fans.

Recently, they got international recognition with their remake of “Extraction”, which saw to them being invited to the premiere of Extraction part 2. Also, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, was also impressed by their Jumanji remake and he commended them on twitter while retweeting their video. These amongst many others, along with the recognition from Netflix are among their success stories.

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Using little things, mostly household equipment at their disposal the kids have endeared themselves to the heart of million9p across the world.

One of their favourite artistes is definitely Cuppy. Her first video they remade was in 2018 and since then, they have created the most hilarious creations from Cuppy’s music videos and pictures.

Yesterday, after Cuppy broke the Internet with news of her father, Femi Otedola gifting her and her sisters three Ferraris, the Ikorodu Bois made a recreated the picture.

They gave this a twist by challenging Cuppy to a race with their “wheelbarrow” inspired Ferrari. Cuppy hasn’t taken up the challenge.

As hilarious as this is, the Ikorodu Bois have made the public learn in the most subtle way that you can always make a difference with the little you have. Be it music videos or film trailers, they have shown that using the little things in life are capable of bringing us laughter and happiness. Make do with what you have, be creative, consistent, and watch the world bow to your magic.

While we wait for Cuppy to race with the Ikorodu Bois, we are steadily rooting for them to continually make a difference and someday, they will remake a Ferrari music video with a Ferrari.

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