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Japan Rated As World’s Powerful Passport With Nigeria At Number 95

According to Henley Passport Index ranks, Japan has the world’s most powerful passport. This will mark the third year in a row that Japan will get this rank.

Compiled by residence and citizenship planning company Henley & Partners, the Henley Passport Index ranks all the world’s passports based on data from the International Air Transport Association (Iata).

The Index put Japan at the top of the list thanks to the impressive number of countries it offers access to visa-free or where it’s possible to get a visa on arrival: 191.

Singapore kept its place at number two, with a score of 190, while South Korea dropped to join Germany in third place with 189.

The top five were rounded out by Finland and Italy in fourth place (188) and Denmark, Luxembourg, and Spain in fifth (187).

Sharing eighth place with Norway, Greece, and Belgium is The U.K and The U.S.A. This is a decline from the number one spot they jointly held in 2015.

Wondering where Nigeria is on the index? Nigeria made it to Number 95, below other African countries such as Angola, Cameroon, Djibouti, Liberia and Congo to mention a few.

In a statement by the Chairman of Henley & Partners:

The latest rankings show that the countries that embrace this reality are thriving, with their citizens enjoying ever-increasing passport power and the array of benefits that come with it.

At the bottom of the index is Afghanistan, with a score of just 26. Other countries with the least powerful passports include; Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Pakistan, and Yemen.

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