Wednesday, 27th September 2023

Laolu NYC, Actively Black Unveil Exciting Collaboration At New York Fashion Week

By Eniola Daniel
16 September 2023   |   9:03 pm
Renowned fashion brand, Laolu NYC, has announced a groundbreaking collaboration with Actively Black.

Renowned fashion brand, Laolu NYC, has announced a groundbreaking collaboration with Actively Black.

Known for its unique African-inspired designs, Laolu NYC collaboration with the prominent platform promoting diversity and empowerment will showcase the best of colours and style during the highly anticipated New York Fashion Week (NYFW), marking a significant milestone for both brands.

The partnership between Laolu NYC and Actively Black represents a powerful fusion of art, culture, and activism. Laolu NYC, led by the visionary artist and designer Laolu Senbanjo, has gained international recognition for its bold and vibrant designs that celebrate African heritage. Actively Black, a leading force in the movement for inclusivity, aims to amplify the voices and stories of Black creatives, entrepreneurs, and change-makers.

The collaboration serves as a testament to the importance of representation, inclusivity, and cultural exchange in the fashion world. By merging their creative visions, these two influential brands aim to inspire and empower audiences, while showcasing the immense talent and diversity within the Black community.

The collaboration will be unveiled at a special runway show during NYFW, where attendees will have the opportunity to witness the innovative designs and captivating pieces that result from this dynamic partnership. Combining Laolu NYC’s signature aesthetic with Actively Black’s mission of empowerment, the collection promises to be a visual and cultural feast, highlighting the rich tapestry of African heritage and the power of unity.

Senbanjo expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “This collaboration is a celebration of our shared commitment to diversity, empowerment, and artistic expression. Through our combined efforts, we aim to create a powerful narrative that challenges stereotypes and inspires positive change.”

Actively Black founder, Lanny Smith, said: “We are honoured to partner with Laolu NYC and showcase the beauty and strength of Black culture through fashion. Our collaboration embodies the spirit of NYFW, bringing together talented individuals to make a meaningful impact in the industry.”

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