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10 Life Changing Beauty Hacks

Hacks are a personal favourite in any form, technology, living, food and beauty. The best thing about beauty hacks is how easy it is to improvise with household items to get the look you want.

You may have some personal go-to beauty tricks but here are 10 of my favourite beauty hacks for hair, skin, and body. 

Business Card

Use your business card as a definer when you are contouring and aiming for the perfect edge when applying your eye shadow. When contouring, use your business card at the base, apply your blush or highlighter and you would give Angelina Jolie a run for her money. Angle the card from the corner of your eye to the top of your brow when applying your eye shadow for the perfect edge.

10 Life Changing Beauty Hacks


Use a spoon to achieve a full and half cut crease. Bend your spoon upside down to achieve a full cut crease and flip the other way for a half crease.

White Eyeliner

This is for that pop of colour when you are applying your eye shadow. Use the white-eye liner as a base and then apply your eye shadow on top get a more pigmented eye shadow colour.

Black Eye Shadow

We all know about the struggle when your edge looks scanty and threatens to make you look like you are going bald. Go in with your black eye shadow and fill in your roots to the effect you are comfortable with.

Translucent Powder & Tissue Paper

To get that matte finish, apply your lipstick and gently put a tissue over your lips. Lightly tap some powder over the tissue to set the lipstick in place. You can also use the rest of the powder on the rest of your face to set your makeup.

10 Life Changing Beauty Hacks


As weird as it sounds, draw a hashtag (#) on the outer corner of your eyelid and smudge with a sponge. More hashtags equals a darker smokey eye.

10 Life Changing Beauty Hacks

Natural Beauty Portrait

Coconut oil

Use coconut oil as your makeup remover as well as a body moisturizer. It’s chemical free and natural

10 Life Changing Beauty Hacks


Use this to make your perfume to last longer. Rub in the Vaseline on your pulse areas, apply your perfume and it would definitely last all day.

10 Life Changing Beauty Hacks

Scrub & Deodorant

Bumps and scars are the worst when it comes to shaving, so before your shave, use a body scrub and after you shave use a deodorant. This would get rid and avoid the growth of ingrown hair which causes bumps and then scars.

Ice Water

We hate that smudge on our nails when you are done polishing your nails only to find out that it did not dry nicely. Soak your nails in a bowl of ice water after painting them for that fast dry.

10 Life Changing Beauty Hacks


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