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Five Card Games To Party With This Holiday (For Adults Only)

December is upon us and we all know what that brings: parties, hangouts, family gatherings and so on.

I sometimes attend house parties or game nights and find myself missing those entertaining childhood parties where everyone is free and I end up going home with a stomach ache from laughing too much.

Those were good times.

If you are like me and you love lively get-togethers, then you need to have functions with awesome, lively adult party games, whether it’s with people you’re just meeting or have known for a long time.

Strategy games can easily intimidate members of the group and idle games like Scrabble can get boring quite easily. A great game subtly allows people loosen up and talk to each other, breaking barriers that may make them awkward and uncomfortable.

You don’t have to feel weird that someone may be silently judging your every action. With these games, you’ll find yourself laughing with others and communicating more freely before long.

You should note though that, although these games are a great way to break the tension, they are designed for players over the age of 18.

Here are five games (no, WHOT is not included in this list) that you can use to spice up all your adult holiday gatherings.

Cards Against Humanity

It would be a crime to not include this in the list of party games. Cards Against Humanity is a ridiculous, slightly-offensive, adult-themed card game that allows you construct insanely hilarious phrases. All you need to take to the party is a good sense of humour. It’s easy once you get the hang of it and elicits many laughs. Players all get white cards and take turns reading off black cards. Other players then fill in the blanks to construct witty sentences. The person with the funniest or most accurate phrase wins.


Drunk, Stoned or Stupid

According to the product description, “There are no winners in this game…only losers.” In each round, one player acts as the judge while other players draw a card. The judge decides which player is most likely to do the action on the card. Whoever gets seven cards first loses. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, buy the game and invite me over to play. You’re welcome.


If you are a fan of name-dropping, then this will interest you. Players race to identify people or characters that match the description of two cards chosen as quickly as possible. For instance, one card says “British” and another says “Wizard”. Who fits this description? Harry Potter. I beat you to it, didn’t I? The player with the most cards when the pile runs out wins.



This “dirty” game is the result when you mix words from Urban Dictionary and Balderdash. Players have to guess the definition of the ridiculous words presented. The round leader reads out all the definitions and they pick the winning definition. Mind you, this game is only for adults. No kids allowed.

Personally Incorrect

This game is one way for everyone at your party to develop a thick skin (or to chase out those without a sense of humour). You insert a party guest’s name in each designated card and then pick an offensive answer card. It is sure to insult, and probably offend, each and every one of your guests.

What games will you be adding to your adult parties and game nights? Are there any other card games that really should be on this list? Be sure to share in the comments.

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