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5 Under 10k Restaurants for A First Date in Lagos

By Tariemi Oreoritse
17 January 2020   |   1:00 pm
Like the popular saying “First impressions matter” so also do first dates. The first date is the first time you get to make a good impression to someone new, so you probably have to pull out the big guns for it. However, you don’t have to break the bank to make a good first impression;…

Like the popular saying “First impressions matter” so also do first dates. The first date is the first time you get to make a good impression to someone new, so you probably have to pull out the big guns for it.

However, you don’t have to break the bank to make a good first impression; you can make a good impression even on a budget.

A great way to get to know anyone can be over food or drinks, so it is important that you choose a great restaurant for your first date. There are a lot of great restaurant options for a first date and several of them fall under a ten thousand Naira ($27) budget in Lagos.

Here is a list of best restaurants under 10k a first date in Lagos:

Ofada Boy

Ofada Boy | Nightlife

Ofada Boy

Address: 1 Mba St, off Adeniran Ogunsanya St, Surulere, Lagos

Located in the Surulere, Ofada Boy comes first on this list of best restaurants under 10k for a first date in Lagos. Ofada Boy gives off a casual, Afrocentric vibe that has you feeling at home in its traditionally themed restaurant.

The Ofada Boy restaurant as a traditional fee evident not only in its décor but also in its food presentation and menu. For a first date at the Ofada Boy, you can show up in your casual yet trendy looking clothes and not feel overdressed for your first date.

The foods served are right up your alley, providing a wide variety of Nigerian meals. Their speciality being Ofada rice, which they offer in five different packages. For drinks, you can take a pick of any of the house cocktails and mocktails or go traditional with a cold cup of palm wine.

Foods on the menu are reasonably priced, ranging between 1500 Naira -3000 Naira, so you don’t have to break the bank for a nice filling meal. Check HERE to view the menu.

La Taverna

La Taverna | The Fork

La Taverna

Address: 48 Balarabe Musa Cres, Victoria Island, Lagos

Located in Victoria Island, La Taverna is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a great restaurant in Lagos with a live band. Known for its great Pizza slices, La Taverna is one restaurant to consider when planning a first date on the island. La Taverna provides indoor and outdoor seating options, so you can choose to eat wherever you want.

You don’t have to worry about being overdressed as there are no wrong outfits for La Taverna

La Taverna serves Chilean, Mediterranean, and Spanish cuisine all at affordable prices. With its warm environment, La Taverna provides an excellent location for a nice lunch or dinner over food and drinks. Meals have a short preparation time, so you are not kept hungry for too long. Be sure to try out the pizza at La Taverna because we hear it’s to die for.

With meals priced for as low as 2500 Naira and drinks as low as 900 Naira, you can have an excellent first date at La Taverna without breaking the bank. La Taverna, with its affordable prices and great food, should be a top pick for a first date. Check HERE for pictures of their menu.


Burg | Valleyy

Burg Co

Address: 11B Isaac John St, Ikeja, Lagos

A restaurant that serves only Burgers, yes and Burg is that place. Located in Ikeja GRA in the center of Lagos, Burg is a great first date option for anyone who loves Burgers.

It provides indoor and outdoor setting areas. The indoor space is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, and its wooden furniture only adds to this enchantment. Consider the outdoor seating area if you would like some drinks asides the milkshakes, it’s white walls also make for a perfect picture backdrop.

At Burg, you can have a pick from any of its burgers priced between 2500-5000 Naira with a side of fries and milkshake. Its great ambience makes it an excellent choice for a first date as you can get to know each other in the quiet environment it provides.

With drinks priced between 500 Naira and2500 Naira, Burg makes for an excellent choice for an under 10k first date. If you want to do just-drinks, the outdoor bar serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, so you are covered either way.


Bottles | Pulse


Address: 8 Imam Agusto Cl, Victoria Island, Lagos

A Mexican restaurant located in Victoria Island, Bottles, is well known for its weekly happy hour. If you’re thinking tacos, quesadillas, or enchiladas for your first date, then you should be headed over to Bottles.

It’s colourful interior boasts of the Tex-Mex bar and grill that is, and there often have a live band play sometimes. Bottles is a more laid back option for a casual first date, especially if you’re into trying something new. With food prices from 3700 Naira upwards and drinks from 1700 Naira, you would definitely find something to eat and drink at Bottles

Try the frozen margaritas because a brain freeze might be funny how we met the type of story to tell your kids. Opt for the grills if you want to try something a lot riskier, all aboard the ship. Check HERE to view their menu.

The Place

The Place | TripAdvisor

The Place 

This list of best restaurants under 10k a first date in Lagos would be incomplete without mentioning the beauty that is the place. With branches in different parts of Lagos, The Place is a great meeting spot for a first date, especially when you are on a budget.

With a wide range of national and international cuisine, there is something for everyone at the place. Try something Nigerian by opting for their swallow, or try something new by ordering a plate of their stir fry spaghetti.

Whatever you choose, the meals taste great and would leave you wanting more. The interior calls for a casual outfit, so show up in your best casual wear. Vegetarian or not, The Place has meals for everyone. What’s even better, they are reasonably priced and great tasting.

Check HERE to find a The Place restaurant close to you.

Depending on whether you would like Nigerian food, international cuisine or a quick burger meal, there is a restaurant for you and it is all under 10k. Take a look at any of these restaurants on our list of the best restaurants under 10k a first date in Lagos to find one that would be a memorable experience