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How To Enjoy A Job You Hate

It is everybody’s dream to do do a job they love. But The reality is that most people are stuck in a job they don’t like because it pays the bills and hence they are stuck in a never-ending nightmare.

In this part of the world, most people are stuck in a job they don’t like because they earn their dream salary doing it. The terms of employment in Nigeria is really rigid. Most likely there is no room for negotiation.
Doing something you don’t like can cause depression and but your health at risk. It is important to identify the problem so as to find ways to deal with it.


Set Small Achievable Goals

Most People do not like their job because they can’t seem to meet their target, It makes them irritated and cranky. They tend to blame everyone else but themselves. Set little goals and delve into one task at a time. Those little packages help to occupy your thoughts and negative thoughts are kept at bay.

Be Positive

People think that they are too good for their current job. Adopt a positive attitude. There are so many things to learn yet from the job. Put in the best and try to imagine what the job can lead to. This little job helps to boost the resume.

Heartbroken woman. Photo credit: Crosswalk

Do things you enjoy at work

Make a playlist of the music you love and listen at work, or tune it to favorite program or talk show as you work. Look forward to times you love at work. It can be lunch time. Savour this time and make it enjoyable.

Focus on getting your dream job

A dreams job is not a phantom it is achievable. If there are requirements, work to meet them. There are steps that can help to remedy the current situation. Think of the job coveted and work towards getting it. Take classes or find a mentor to help in the quest.

Make Friends at work.

There are no rules that say that state that colleagues cant be friends. Make friends at work if possible get a confidante. This social activity will help change the impression of the job.

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