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Practice These Home Hacks More

Home hacks are little ways we make our lives easier at home. We have gathered a few low-budget tips and tricks that can help you prolong, preserve, protect and add value to your life. Hacks are meant to teach us something new that we simply didn’t know before and haven’t realised yet. Find a few of these hacks below to make life more fun and easier for you!

Limit Soap Dispenser Output – Put a rubber band around the neck of pump-style soap dispensers to limit the amount of soap dispensed per pump. This hack simply makes sure your kids who enjoy pumping it all out for fun, have a little serving of soap, per wash, just about the amount suitable for their little hands.

Practice These Home Hacks More

Make your own household cleaners— Use common kitchen ingredients to make cleaners that are kid-friendly; to kill germs and keep your home safe. Use the lemonade vinegar cleaner and your house will smell so yummy!

Practice These Home Hacks More

This is for all the bachelors –Sometimes it takes way too much effort to wash all of the dishes and clean up the house. Sure you want the place to be clean, but you also want to have some good time doing other things you enjoy doing while eating copious amounts of foods. Simply line up your plates with plastic wrap and never wash a dish again! With this hack, it doesn’t have to be hard anymore. Go forth into a new life where you can be lazy and be clean!

Practice These Home Hacks More

Tired of wasting time wearing your bracelets? Try this– It is always very difficult to put on bracelet hooks with one hand when trying to head out the door. It usually takes at least 2-3 minutes, if you succeed at the end, what to do? Simple use a sellotape or a paper clip and save yourself some extra minutes and you will be glad you did!

Practice These Home Hacks MorePractice These Home Hacks More

You can stick the base end of the bracelet to your wrist with a sellotape, so that it will not move and helps you to link the other end faster.

Use salt and lemon to keep your stainless steel clean!—what a natural and harmless way to get your sink glowing, plus it’s cheap too! A small brush makes easy work of getting rid of toaster crumbs.You should try this hack out someday!

Practice These Home Hacks More

Keep thieves away using card board cut outs– Grab an old board and flatten it on the floor, have someone laydown on top of it, and trace around the appearance with a pen or a maker, it doesn’t have to be so perfect it just needs to remind you of a human shape. Trace and cut it out with a scissors and place it on your window, switch on the light in your room and have a nice fun evening out there, knowing that your card board eccentric is at work keeping thieves away.

Watch this video to see how:

Hope you enjoyed these hacks? They are life saving hacks that cost little or nothing at all to put in place. If you did enjoy it, well go ahead and give it a try, and remember to leave your comments below!,,

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