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5 Times A Text Message Is Better Than A Phone Call

Although there are many disadvantages to using a text message as a way to communicate instead of a phone call, text messages also have their own advantages over a phone call.

Find below five times you can send a text message instead of calling.


When you are finding it hard to be clear

When you find it hard to express your train of thoughts in speech, a text message can come in handy because it allows you to plan out and revise what you want to say before sending.

When you are in transit

A text message comes in handy when you find yourself on the move. Talking on the phone can not only be irritating but insensitive to the people you are sharing a travel space with. A quick text if you need to meet up with someone and still on the move works!

When you are in danger

Many emergency services require calls but texts are also acceptable. Because location services are stronger and more accurate for voice calls placed to 911 than texts, it is better to call if possible; many emergency services plug the tagline, “Call if you can, text if you can’t.”

When you have to discuss sensitive information

If you find yourself in public but need to have a private conversation, you don’t need an outside party eavesdropping on, then a text message is your best bet. Trying to make a hushed phone call may not be as effective as you would like to think.

When you are super busy

On a super busy day, a round of texts makes it easy for you to coordinate a number of activities at the same time without taking you away from your other responsibilities.

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