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Five Myths About Open Relationships

In an open relationship, the partners want to be together but they agree to have a relationship that is not exclusive.

In this relationship, one person does not own the other. The couple is not exclusively seeing each other and can date, flirt and hook up with other people if they want to. Mind you, though; in a true open relationship, the partners are fully honest with each other (unlike most regular relationships).

As sweet as they sound, open relationships have earned a bad rap.

For those who don’t fully understand the basis of these arrangements, here are five of the most popular myths about open relationships.

1. They are no longer attracted to each other

Most people believe that couples agree to an open relationship because they are no longer attracted to each other or no longer have feelings for each other. Open relationships are more about exploring your sexual desires for someone else and this may not reduce the attraction you have for your partner.

2. They can’t commit

Ironically, true open relationships are built totally on trust and commitment to one another. Yes, partners may hook up or engage in sexual activities with other people, they mostly focus on the stability and health of their relationship. The couple discusses and agrees in advance on their expectations and boundaries. This further symbolises their devotion to each another.

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3. They don’t know what they want

It’s easy, being unfamiliar with this sort of lifestyle, to look from the outside in and assume that someone who is attracted to more than one person doesn’t know what they want. On the contrary, open relationships are focused on a person experiencing what (or who) they really want.

4. They hit on their friends

There is a myth that polyamorous people (people in multiple committed relationships) are sex friends. While you may be looking to having romantic or sexual relations with people other than your partner, the people in close proximity to you do not become automatic targets. Like traditional dating, there is still the “friend zone” or “Brother Mutiu zone”.

5. They are sex addicts

We saved the biggest misconception about open relationships for last. It is assumed that the moment you request for an open relationship, it is because your sexual appetite is insatiable and your partner cannot give you enough. While people in open relationships are interested in “exploring” with others, that is usually not the main reason for agreeing to the lifestyle in the first place.

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