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How To Flirt With Men On Social Media

By Guardian Nigeria
13 March 2016   |   2:01 pm
There are some men who have complained that women don’t make the first move. Apparently, they are tired of approaching women and would like women to do the flirting from time to time. Which is funny because women who flirt with men used to be seen as aggressive and/or masculine. Guess change really is the…

Guess change really is the only constant thing in life. Now men want women to pull up their breeches and deal with the thrill of flirtation and possible rejection as well.

So how do you flirt with men? There are countless ways to do so effortlessly. If you see a hottie you think is dateable, don’t be afraid to make a pass at him. And if you’re the shy type, you can even do it from a comfortable distance – i.e Social Media


  1. Have you ever trolled the location tags on Instagram? Apparently it’s the new way of meeting up with a missed connection. All you have to do is take a super cute selfie, upload it on Instagram with a location tag, and hope he finds it. To make extra sure he gets the message, include a subtly specific caption like – ‘I hope the cutie in the corner sees me’
  2. Like anything he tweets that seems even remotely personal/romantic/sexual. You don’t even have to say anything deep or insightful in response. That little heart button is there to do all the talking for you. Like every selfie he uploads, tweets about a promotion at work, his new workout routine, and how he want to go see a movie even. Eventually, he will begin to notice you, so don’t give up if your efforts look fruitless in the beginning.
  3. Emoji were made to directly communicate just how thirsty you are. You’re not serious about flirting with a man if you haven’t put at least three heart-eyed emoji in every comment of his Instagram feed. For extra effect, or if it’s a shirtless picture, use the tongue and water splashing emoji as well. Will you look desperate? Depends on who you ask. Will he notice you? Most definitely.
  4. And if you think you’re more the strong, silent type, you can just like every single one of his Instagram posts in quick succession. That way, he’ll have to at least check out your profile. Just make sure you have some deal-making pictures posted when he does.
  5. It’s common knowledge that guys think women are crazy about guys who make them laugh. You can use this to your advantage. Strategically placed LOLs in reply to his post updates can make the difference between him not knowing you exist and taking up residency in your DMs. Always remember to use the right amount of Os in your LOL though – too little is half-hearted and too many is insane. Keep it in consistency with the context.
  6. You want to show him you aren’t just an extremely attractive female – you’ve got some substance too. What are his interests? If they coincide with yours, awesome! If they don’t read up on them. When you know enough, wait for him to post about it and then engage him in a conversation.
  7. Personally, I’ve always thought that Facebook poke thing is somehow. I mean, what other way to say “Here I am! Notice me?”. Facebook’s poke button is classic and way better than actually poking him in real life. Unless, of course, you’re tight like that. In which case you wouldn’t really need to be reading this article.

OR you could just send him a message saying “I like you talk your own.”. Sometimes the direct approach works just as well. Looking for the flirty lingo people are throwing around online now? Ii heard from a reputable source that “Hey, big head” is the new way women indicate interest in a man on twitter.

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