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How To Keep The Fire Blazing In Your Marriage

Expensive perfumes, sexy lingerie, lovely hairstyles, glittering fixed nails, smooth and soft skin, sophisticated make-up, sexy matched underwear and classic outfits are the packages women put on to attract a man. Most men are attracted to the physical appearance before they extend it to her personality.

Every lady’s target is to end up with Mr Right but what is the use of having a man and later letting him loose for the wolves to bite. Before marriage; precious moments are spent, treasured memories are created and the love blossoms. After marriage, especially when the woman has a kid or two, she stops taking care of herself, the lingerie transforms to wrappers and the men concentrate more on their work than their wives.

Most relationship becomes tedious and irksome, it takes forever to spend quality time together and the man starts cheating. All this problems can be avoided, the love doesn’t easily fade off, five secrets to Keeping the romance alive in a marriage.

Always look elegant

A man likes a woman that looks good, smells good. A presentable and exquisite lady with class. A man always want to see his wife looking sexy, starting from her underwear to her nightwear . A woman can wear her husband’s t-shirt, enticing costumes or lingerie to create to get an irresistible Look.

Surprise dinner

Alone time can take a long time so ladies, You can send the kids to a family relative’s house, tidy up your home, cook his favorite dish, turn on some candles and a cool music, put on a lovely dress and wait for him to get home. Moments like that sticks to the minds of your beloved.

Be crazy with your spouse
Sex in a marriage is very important, You have to know what excites your spouse, the styles and how comfortable you are. Love making should be enjoyed by both partners. It is not necessary it has to be in the bedroom; it can be in the kitchen, the washroom or the sitting room. Other places apart from the bedroom are advisable when the couples are alone.

Make your spouse your best friend

Compliment your spouse, talk to him about everything and anything. play his favorite games, ask him to kiss you before he can watch his favorite channel, admire things together, drop notes in his car and text him to let him know how much you love and miss him.Try to pick some favorite songs you both enjoy, play with him in public and show the world how much you love him.

Be a shoulder he can cry on
In every good times comes bad, nothing lasts forever. create a relationship where he is free to tell you anything and everything. Even when he cheats, the guilt should push him to talk to you because he knows you love him and you invest your time and energy to make the marriage a fairy-tale.

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