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Six Signs You Are Unhappy In Your Relationship

You deserve to be in a relationship that will encourage, support and make you excited about life. Some people stay in their relationships for all the wrong reasons: comfort, safety, stability, children, fear of being alone or what society may think. The truth is that staying in a miserable relationship is never worth it, no matter what your reason may be.

Fighting couple. Photo: The Praying Woman

If these signs sound familiar, then it’s time to reevaluate your relationship or put it to an end.

1. Being single again excites you

After being with one person for a long time, you may find yourself exploring the thought of being with other people, or just being single and “free” again. You flirt “innocently” with people you find attractive and say hi to your exes. It is one thing to notice that someone is attractive, but to think of waking up to them after a hot night, instead of your partner is a no. If this gets too much, you may end up doing something regrettable and hurt your relationship.

2. Your heart sinks when your partner calls or texts you

You should have a pleasant feeling when your partner calls or texts you unexpectedly when you are away from each other. There is nothing loving or affectionate about not wanting to speak to your partner or feeling down when you see a call or text from them.


3. You never want to get intimate

Intimacy is a good way to judge the state of your relationship. When you love someone, their touch alone makes you feel hot inside. Of course, this reduces as the relationship goes on. Sex doesn’t define a relationship but it is vital to having a healthy one. If you find that you are no longer sexually attracted to your partner, you need to sit down with them to figure out the true issue.

Couple on a date. Photo: The Online Casino List

4. You do not enjoy spending time with your partner

They aren’t the first person you think of when you’re free and you would rather spend time with other friends or family. Spending quality time with them feels awkward as you never have anything to talk about. Let’s say you unexpectedly find yourself leaving work early, who would you first call to hang out? Who do you really want to see? The first people that come to mind are those you care about the most and find important to you. If your partner isn’t one of them, well… Do the math. You deserve a relationship with someone who will excite you, not dread spending time with them.

Couple arguing. Photo: Owambe

5. You get into unhealthy fights

Yes, every couple fights. That’s not something to really worry about. However, you may find yourselves arguing over or complaining about the slightest things. Or you may go through their private messages trying to know what’s going on, probably looking for a reason to argue. Fights should be settled with mature conversations. But when you or your partner acts destructively or attempts to inflict physical or emotional pain on the other, then it becomes an unhealthy relationship and one or both of you doesn’t have much love and respect for the relationship.

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