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The Power Of Music in Romance

We live in a world where our love for music grows by the day. Rarely do we come across people who say they don’t really care about music. Instead, we find people who are obsessed about the latest songs and are willing to defend their preferred genre of songs anytime.

Books like Daniel Levitin’s This Is Your Brain on Music show that scientists are beginning to study the connection between music and the brain more now than ever before. Science has begun to show us that music can actually alter brain waves and can greatly enhance mood. So what does this have to do with romance? A lot! This is how it works.

If you’re looking for a lasting relationship that may lead to a fulfilling love life, consider good music as one of the steps to achieving that. Good music is an antidote to stress, mood swings, vexation, trauma, distractions, uneasiness, lack of zeal etc. with so much ease to it. Music doesn’t just soothe your disposition at the moment, the lyrics communicate a great deal and sometimes help to provoke powerful thoughts and inspiration that ordinarily would have held weight in us.

Couple Music

To make this effort seamless in your romance consider these:

 Create a playlist on an iPod, or other useful gadgets, that you can listen to together when the situation calls for it or at random.

 Get videos of romantic musical concerts that lighten your mood and your partner’s as well to watch together on nights or days in.

 If you can, have a mini set-up at home that allows you to listen to live instruments during special occasions. Even better if one of you has some musical talent and can handle an instrument.

These are about the basic ideas surrounding the use of songs to improve relationships. When used properly, you can help your partner fall in love with you by awakening her true passions and emotions through song. I’m sure you’ve heard of couples who speak of having a “special song.” What this means is that, there is a song that speaks to their heart and reminds them of shared moments in their relationship and every time they hear it, they think of their relationship with one another in that light.

It isn’t a good idea to wait till things become serious or all dried up in your relationship before trying to engage music. It’s also important to know that a song will be special to you and your spouse if specific memories are created around this song. It’s also important to try not to force these connections, as the most “special” songs happen unintentionally, and are born out of a truly natural moment a couple shares.

Play music as often as you can when you’re around each other. When driving with your date, music can either make it a fun trip, or a bad one. First kiss? Set the ambience with the right songs. Having hard time making love? A great playlist can turn that completely around. Let your spouse feel more into you by playing mood-setting music. Will music alone get her to fall in love with you? Definitely not. But, it can be a powerful tool for mood setting and enhancing moments.

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