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Man Accused Of Decapitating Ex-Girlfriend For Being Against His Support For Trump

Tishko Ahmed Shabaz has been accused of decapitating his 17-year-old ex-girlfriend in Sweden after regarding her as ‘Satan’ and an enemy of his idol Donald Trump.

According to a report by The Daily Mail, the accused started acting strangely and controlling his girlfriend Wilma Andersson before she disappeared last November.


After a series of investigations, Wilma’s severed head was found two weeks after she vanished and 23-year-old Shabaz has now been charged with her murder, which he denies.

Also, witnesses told investigators that Shabaz took control of Wilma’s life by checking her phone and deciding what clothes she would wear.

It is claimed that he had a GPS tracking app installed in her phone so that he could track her every movement.

Speaking about his support for Trump, Shabaz is said to have venerated Trump and even tried to travel to the US to help his re-election campaign.

However, he was stopped at Stockholm’s main airport because he did not have the required entry documents.

Wilma vanished on November 14 last year and police found a ‘body part’ two weeks later , which was later revealed to be her head.

Hundreds of volunteers had joined the search for Wilma after she was reported missing in Uddevalla on November 17, three days after she was last seen.

Shabaz is accused of decapitating Wilma when she went to collect her belongings before wrapping her head in foil and hiding it at his home.

Prosecutors claim that the police found the severed head wrapped in aluminium foil inside a bag in his apartment.

The ‘body part’ was found on November 28 in a grim discovery which was announced the following day, bringing the search to an end.

Shabaz was charged with the murder last week, and Swedish media says he was subsequently found unconscious in his cell and taken to hospital. His trial is due to start on May 26.

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