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Meet The Wakaresaseya – Japan’s Professional Relationship Breakers

Relationship breakup

Relationship breakup | Zikoko

Relationship breakup

Relationship breakup | Zikoko

Looking for a break in your relationship or don’t know how to tell your partner that it is over?

Let the Wakaresaeseya come to the rescue. The Wakaresaseya, literally “breaker-uppers”, are professional agents that specialize in destroying relationships, be they marriages or affairs, for a fee.

They help you to break up your relationship without you having to get involved and although considered immoral by some in Japanese society, they have been around for decades.


Their services are becoming increasingly popular than ever and are often advertised online with their services often tied to private detective agencies.

After taking on a contract these unlicensed operatives stop at nothing to achieve their goal, which includes extreme measures like entrapment, financial burdening and lying.

Once a case is accepted, depending on the target, wakaresaseya agents will approach them somewhere public, like a grocery store and try to spark up a combination.

From stalking their targets and studying their daily routines to better increase their chances of success, to the pressure they sometimes put on difficult marks, wakaresaseya do whatever it takes to complete their mission.

All they need is a moment of weakness that is usually captured by a hidden camera, but if seduction doesn’t work, they have other strategies as well.

“Men can always be seduced if the woman operative is reasonably good-looking,” Kiyoshi Hiwatashi, managing director of a wakaresaseya agency,” told the Los Angeles Times.

Targets can be lured into fake business deals, burdened with financial debt and even visited by fake mob guys about the said debt. Threatening to start a career-ending scandal works wonders too, apparently. They basically do all it takes to get the job done.

Due to their legendary activities, many have bashed them as immoral but wakaresaseya agencies claim they never take a case without first interviewing the client thoroughly and finding out their motivation.

Questions like why do they want to end their marriage, how long have they known about their spouse’s affair for, why did their partner take a mistress? They go as far as to interview the client’s neighbors to see how serious they are before destroying people’s lives and relationships.

Prices reportedly vary from a couple of hundred dollars for simple cases, to upwards of $150,000 for high-profile cases where discretion if of the upmost importance.

For an extra fee, some wakaresaseya agencies even offer “after-care” services to ensure that their clients don’t come knocking again. This includes offering counseling on how to make themselves more attractive to their spouses, how to act around them, or more devious work like spreading rumors around the block that a neighbor finds the wife attractive, thus rekindling her husband’s interest in her.

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