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Meet Woman Who Has Had Hundreds Of Cosmetic Surgeries Since She Was 14

Wu Xiaochen

Wu Xiaochen | Photo: 吴晓辰Abby/Weibo

What length will you go to achieve that “perfect look?” For Wu Xiaochen, the quest for the perfect beauty look had made her go under the knife or needle hundred of times in the last 16 years.

Known simply as Abby on social media, she is what you can call China’s poster girl for plastic surgery. She has millions of followers on various social media platforms, owns two cosmetic surgery clinics in Beijing and has worked with some of the biggest brands in China.


With millions of young women fascinated and inspired by her perfect features, Abby revealed that her first plastic surgery was when she was 14.

Her first procedure was paid for by her mother –  a liposuction on her thighs.

She had been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease as a teenager and had to take glucocorticoids, a class of steroid hormones, which made her put on a lot weight. She was very uncomfortable with the way she looked, especially her legs, so her mother took her in for liposuction on her thighs.

“I had put on a lot of weight and felt very uncomfortable in my skin,” Wu told CNN. “I felt so much more confident afterwards.”

Wu Xiaochen

Wu Xiaochen | Photo: 吴晓辰Abby/Weibo

The first surgery was like an eye-opener for her after seeing the difference plastic surgery made. She decided to fix her other insecurities. She started with facial plastic surgery to make her face looks thinner, then moved on to facial contouring surgery, which involved silicone implants inserted into her cheekbones for a more angular look.

“After I had the first plastic surgery and became skinnier and prettier, I realized I attracted attention just like they (celebrities) did,” Abby recalls. Gradually, I stopped caring if people judged. Surgery has become like an addiction for me.

By age 16 she wanted to have her nose bridge elevated, get breast implants, a double eyelid procedure to make her eyes look larger, and give her jawline a sharp V-shape. She managed to get all of them done and more. Yet she always finds something that needs improving.

Wu Xiaochen

Wu Xiaochen | Photo: 吴晓辰Abby/Weibo

So far, Abby has had her nose operated on six times, her eyes two times, her lips three times, she has had her face reshaped three times, and has also undergone four or five fat transfers.

Those are just some of the major plastic surgery procedures she recalls off the top of her head, as she has so far undergone over 100 such procedures and spent over 4 million yuan (about $575,000).

“I can’t stand having the slightest imperfection,” Wu Xiaochen told Girl City, a couple of years ago. Every month I get injections for skin ‘maintenance’, such hyaluronic acid or face skinning injections, and every year I have a major plastic surgery.”

There have been hitches every now and then as she has been times when she was left disfigured by botched procedures, with some wounds taking months to close up after surgeries.

Other times, her skin has been stretched so thin she could literally see light through it.

All these didn’t deter her and she always found a doctor to fix the problems before moving on to the next procedure.

“Seeing girls become prettier and having a better life, it means a lot to me,” Wu Xiaochen said. “I’m willing to make it my lifelong goal and be a beacon of light for all those girls.”

Abby is not oblivious to the dangers of plastic surgery even though she herself has had successful procedures so far. She wants everyone to know that there are also risks involved, and above all, she wants to discourage girls from starting as early as she did.

“I told my story on the show because I don’t want people to get cosmetic surgery done in their teens like I did,” Wu said in an interview. “They must think rationally about changing their beauty. Plastic surgery may give extra points to my outer appearance, but it does not make my life more beautiful.”

You can watch Abby below:

China’s cosmetic surgery market was estimated to be worth around $31 billion in 2018, with double-digit growth per year.

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