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Michael Jackson’s Diary Reveals He Was Afraid Someone Was Trying To Kill Him

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson | Billboard

The late King of Pop Michael Jackson died over a decade ago but details continue to emerge about circumstances surrounding his death.

Extracts from the late star’s diary have revealed that he was afraid that someone was trying to kill him prior to his death.

Jackson who died in June 2009 believed that “evil people” wanted to “destroy him” in order to get his music catalogue, according to dark ramblings he penned.


Wacko Jacko as he was fondly called was paranoid he had a target on his back months before his death and he revealed these disturbing thoughts in his diary.

He scribbled:

“I’m afraid someone is trying to kill me. Evil people ­everywhere. They want to destroy me and take my publishing company. The system wants to kill me for my catalogue… I’m not selling it.”

Jackson who died at the age of 50 also penned some of his aspirations like how he planned to become a movie star as well as play concerts in Las Vegas.

“If I don’t concentrate on film, no immortalization,” he wrote.

He had plans to hire “a merchandising guy” and remake movie classics such as 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and The 7th Voyage of Sinbad.

According to the diary, Jackson was hoping to earn $20million a week and listed opportunities including Cirque du Soleil concerts, a deal with athletics brand Nike and Hollywood films.

One of the pages of his diary also shows his aim to earn $20 million a week and equal idols to Disney and Chaplin. The late entertainer’s musings also reveal his desperation to be “the greatest ever” and “immortalized.”

He was weeks away from gigs at London’s O2 Arena before his death. An autopsy on the late performer had reportedly revealed bald head and strange tattoos. 

According to The Sun’s report, the “Thriller” crooner at the time of his death had shriveled to a mere 8st 10oz, his body ravaged by surgery, prescription drugs and an apparent battle with anorexia.

Jackson’s diary also reveal he was trying to take back control of his assets and cut loose managers and advisers he felt were taking advantage.

“I want to sign all cheques over $5,000 now. Hire an accountant I trust now and lawyer. I want to meet him,” he wrote.

The “Thriller” hitmaker was suspicious of his manager at the time, Tohme R. Tohme, and didn’t want him “on plane or in my house”.

Jackso also mentioned his physician, Dr Conrad Murray, who administered the sedatives that killed him. He wrote:

“Conrad must practice now, I can’t be tired.”

Dr Murray was paid $100,000 a month to obtain and administer his medication. At first the doctor secured “downers” including Xanax, Restoril, Ativan and Versed. Jackson racked up a $100,000 bill at a Beverly Hills ­pharmacy, and to prepare for his concerts in London’s O2 Arena, he had his doctor buy 5,000ml of sedative Propofol, which Jackson called “milk”.

It was enough to anaesthetise all the pre-op patients in a hospital for a week and it was this drug, administered intravenously, that killed him.

Howard says:

“While the facts of Michael’s demise don’t add up to suicide, they certainly reveal an ­overburdened man who slowly killed himself through drug use.

“And those who surrounded him took advantage of his helplessness.”


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