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Hannibal Brumskine III excites industry with free online music business tips

By Maria Diamond
26 September 2020   |   2:03 am
Hannibal Brumskine III, a 23-year-old Liberian-American entrepreneur, and Founder of is set to use his platform to teach new and emerging music artists in Africa ...


Hannibal Brumskine III, a 23-year-old Liberian-American entrepreneur, and Founder of is set to use his platform to teach new and emerging music artists in Africa how to attract new listeners and build a successful music career, regardless of their affiliations with corporations or record labels. introduces a free, 20-minute training video called ‘How To Grow As An Artist In Your City, Without A Record Label’ where artists can learn how to create and run affordable, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing campaigns on platforms like YouTube and Spotify.

Ultimately, the music entrepreneur is concerned about the future of independent artists in Africa. He said: “African artists don’t have to wait around for a record label in order to reach new listeners and develop a fan base. An artist can do the same thing that big-named record labels would do for him or her with a laptop at the comfort of their home.”

He noted that although there is acceptance and consumption of African and West African music, there still remains a large majority of talented African artists that won’t reach the levels of success that they deserve as most of the popular African artists have some sort of backing by a record label or corporation. “This is why we need to also provide frameworks for artists who aren’t affiliated with these record labels to succeed. The success of independent artists is becoming much more prevalent in the West and I see African artists riding this wave of independence by taking the fate of their music careers into their own hands.”

Hannibal who grew up in Alexandria Virginia listening to Liberian worship songs as well as pop and hip-hop music, which shaped his love for music over the years, revealed that he was exposed to many genres of art and creative expressions. This unique path helped him in deciding to set up a career path in the music industry. He has also fallen in love with Nigerian pop sounds like Burna Boy, WizKid, Mr. Eazi and many others. He started his learning company when he discovered predictable systems that could be used to attract and close both business-to-business and business-to-client interactions in the music space, and decided to use it to liberate many artists in Africa.

He said: “ Our mission is to educate artists on tools and strategies they can use to grow their careers. We are focused on teaching artists how to do the same things that record labels do, like running paid advertisement campaigns, hiring freelance publicists and more.

But instead of running a record label, the brand would be protecting and equipping independent artists so that they do not sign away certain rights and freedoms early in their careers.”

He further said: “The level of dependence that artists place on record labels inspired us to teach artists business strategies that the corporate world has been using for years. We help the average artists level up his skills to where he’s on par with a media buying expert or marketing strategist at a big-name record label. The main difference between a record label and the artist being signed is the knowledge and the facility that the label possesses. So the idea is to cut out the middleman and empower underprivileged artists to make an impact from the comfort of his or her home.”