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Neighbours Call Police On Family Who Urinates In Bottles For A Year

A neighbourhood has called the police on a family after continuous stench emanating from the house which is from storing urine for up to a year.

Image Daily Mail

The family-of-three have been taken for mental health examinations after police found hundreds of plastic bottles with urine stored in their apartment.

Parents and their adult son, named Zhenya, had been relieving themselves into bottles for a year after having their utilities cut off for unpaid bills in the city of Aktau, southwestern Kazakhstan.


Police had to use a crowbar to break in after the owners refused to cooperate and open the front door.

Entering the room, officers saw hundreds of plastic bottles filled with urine and stored on the floor according to Daily Mail.

Pictures of the apartment show a mountain of rotting clothes in the middle of a room and urine stored in the filthy kitchen.

According to neighbours, they turned their home into a rubbish dump and lived among hordes of cockroaches.

Image Daily Mail

According to a neighbour next door, Svetlana Nenastyeva said:

‘We think Zhenya’s parents damage his life and have a bad influence on him. About two years ago he quit his job, switched to a reclusive life then stopped washing. This family is a big problem for us. We are tired to live in constant stench coming from their home.’

Now, the neighbours are making arrangments to clean the apartment.

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