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Netflix Actor Alex Ajuwon Talks Film, Sports

Alex Ajuwon recently appeared in the Netflix Original series ‘Drug Lords’, which portrayed some of the world’s most notable criminals.

Alex reveals that he fell in love with acting when he was still quite young and his parents took him to Weekend Arts College (WAC). He says that his acting fully began after he turned 14. “I decided to attend a full-time performing arts school called the Brit School of Performing Arts.” Staying there exposed him/opened him to “explore broader interests across the United States.” This not only changed him, it changed his outlook on life.

Alex Ajuwon

He went on to further his studies at the “life-changing” The American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

As an actor who welcomes any form of challenge, Ajuwon who played the lead role as Christopher Dudus Coke in Netflix series, Drug Lords says that “recreating the beheading of a man with a chainsaw – not an easy feat for an actor-“ is his favourite part of the filming. He adds that learning Shona and war chants for the award-winning film, The Zim and filming in the desert for a week for South of Etham had such a great impact on him.

However, ‘It’s complicated’ where he played as a gay man (where he’s expected to conform to as a serious athlete), John was rather very interesting. This is because John who is coming to terms with his sexuality made him “realize the character and myself weren’t that far off from each other. I may be a straight man, but I knew what it felt like to be excluded by society for the colour of my skin.”

Alex Ajuwon in South of Etham. Photo: Ben Zimmerman

Ajuwon is a believer in the saying, “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. In line with this statement, he finds time to enjoy sports especially American football, basketball and rugby. He says that he is, however, constantly learning and trying new sports.

An achiever by all means, he says that his biggest achievement is “representing the England squad in American football, playing against teams like Mexico and Sweden.” His work ethic from sports has been transfused to his everyday life helping him achieve and remain focused.

The acting genius says that fans should expect about six films from him including one with Noel Braham.

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