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Nigerian-American Rapper Chika Announces Retirement Amid Mental Health Struggles


Chika | Image: The Fader

Nigerian-American rapper Chika has announced that she is retiring from music because of the “mental toll” the music industry is taking on her.

The 24-year-old Grammy-nominated rapper also revealed on Sunday that she struggles with suicidal thoughts.


Chika’s retirement announcement was however met with a slew of hateful messages from online bullies who she said were rejoicing in the decline of her mental health.

“It’s really cool watching the world not give a f*ck and paint you as a villian,” Chika said in a message shared on her Twitter page. “Today, i shared that I was thinking of retiring because the mental toll being in the industry has taken on me is not something you bounce back from easily. I’ve told my team, i’ve told my therapist, i’ve told friends and acquaintances. today i told twitter. what followed was a hoard of psychotic fans rejoicing in the decline of my mental health, harassing me as if I spoke to them first.”

Chika added: “When you have depression, the negative self talk you have towards yourself is deafening. Now imagine a slew of weirdos dogpiling on top of thoughts you already have to fight off yourself. it’s not f*cking cool, it’s not ‘trolling’ or ‘stan culture,’ you’re pushing people to a point of no return. and no, i don’t feel bad for wishing death on people who sh*t like that cuz you deserve the same fate as the people you effect. with that said, I’m out. if it doesn’t work, i’ll try again. idc. have fun. i never liked it here anyway.”

Fellow rapper Cardi B responded to Chika’s tweets. She advised her to not allow online bullies to dictate her life and future.

“Take it as this, Is the devil trying you or God testing your faith. I have won and accomplished so much and yet people try to strip everything I work hard for yet I have to think to myself do I quit & let people laugh for me being weak or get them mad by winning?” Cardi B said in a series of quoted tweets.

“You barely in the press, barely in blogs, barely in magazines but guess what? You was nominated for a Grammy for YOUR TALENT! Trust me people are watching and people are rooting for you. Block it out, work on ur marketing and keep going! IT TAKES ONE SONG That will change ur life.

“Trust me. I have to come every week on this app to clean up rumors, narratives, people talkin about my looks and discredit my accomplishment…Shiieett today the new rumor is that I’m a witch. You can’t have these people that are not love at home dictate your life & future.”

Born Jane Chika Oranika, Chika first garnered attention on social media before signing to Warner Records in 2019. The following year, she was included in XXL’s 2020 Freshman Class and was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best New Artist.

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