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Nigerian Twitter Disagrees With Adichie Over Clinton’s Wife Bio

Internationally recognised and established writer, Chimamanda Adichie, came under serious backlash for stating that “>she was ‘upset’ with the former Democrat presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton’s, inclusion of ‘wife’ as the first word in her twitter bio.

Although Clinton said that she will change it, Adichie’s view did not go down well with a lot of Nigerians some of who used the social platform, Twitter to express their displeasure:

Read some of the reactions below:

@linesandtimes – “Chimamanda said she was a bit upset by Hillary Clinton’s bio. her intolerance for anything that does not align with her idea of feminism is really tragic. a woman can be defined as anything she wants to be seen as, what’s important is that it’s her choice”.

@4eyedmonk- “Probably because she does not see anything wrong with being a wife and it is non of Chimamanda’s business?”

@KelvinOdanz- Chimamanda Adichie is UPSET because Hillary Clinton’s Twitter Bio starts with “Wife” among many other ‘qualifications. 😂
Beyonce just gave Adichie the platform to derail her career as a writer. She’s become the leader of a bickering, self-righteous, shrilling mob. Shame

@AdakuUfere- HRC understood and answered Chimamanda’s question. She even went as far as to say she will change her twitter bio. If the woman herself, who is supremely intelligent sees no issue and takes no offence with the question. Please explain to me why all of you are losing your minds?
That said, in line with Chimamanda’s talk this morning, here’s someone who shattered his glass ceiling and his first TWO titles on his Twitter bio are…
— Max Rockatansky (@Olukayd) April 23, 2018

@KelvinOdanz- If you’re a married man on Twitter, please add “Husband” to your Twitter Bio and tell your wife to remove “wife” from hers. Before Chimamanda Adichie comes across it and gets upset. 😭

@IkechuQwu- President Buhari travelled to UK and disgraced us.
Chimamanda Adichie travelled to New York and disgraced us too.
And you people think it was not God’s plan for Police to arrest Dino Melaye at the airport, as he was about travelling out of Nigeria this morning?

@MakiSpoke- “I love how a bunch of people that haven’t watched the Hillary Clinton and Chimamanda interview are foaming at the mouth over a question they don’t have any context into. You people are funny”.

@Xcel_101- Chimamanda is not happy that Hilary Clinton’s twitter bio starts with the word “wife”. Looooooooool. Feminists need to understand that they cannot shove their brand of feminism down the throats of all women.The last thing we need is women bullying each other.

@afualareine – Everyone is up and arms about Chimamanda😂 but when has being a wife ever been an accomplishment? A healthy union should be all ANY of us aspire to achieve one day, but wife; wife .. it’s not a title to give yourself superiority over other women with. Please can we unlearn this?

Adichie replied critics of her statement, stating that she is an unapologetic fan of Clinton and she was “upset that the Twitter bio of a woman who is the most accomplished person to run for President of the United States, would begin with ‘wife.’ And considering her personal history, it just didn’t seem to fit”.

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