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Nigerians React To Woman Who Served Devil For 990 Years’ Claim That Football Is Demonic

A woman known as Evangelist A.F Funmilayo has taken Nigerians by surprise after describing herself in her book, The Game Of The Anti-Christ (Exposing The Secret Behind Football) as “the woman who served Satan for 990 years, now in Christ”.

The woman whose identity was revealed by a tweep, Alex Oluwatobi (@alexlobaloba), has a book solely written on the evil of Football and its affiliation to Satan.


Alex’s discovery of the evangelist, he says, can be found in his tweet below:

“My new neighbor seems not to like me, but I greet them anyways. In bid to be a little friendly, I asked their 2 sons yesterday the football club they support. They smiled, shook their heads & pelted upstairs. Got home this evening, Dad & Mum knocked & gave me this book.”

Interestingly, the lady who is the founder of Rapture Proclaimers Evangelical Church (RAPEC) takes after the biblical Methuselah and describes herself as a gifted writer.

A part of the book titled reads,

“In Brazil, there is a temple dedicated to this demon, and people go there to worship the “god of soccer,” as it is popularly called. This is to clearly show that in his overwhelming success of inventing the “soccer unity” for the human world, Satan has achieved double his original goal. His second achievement is that he had added yet another diety, the god of soccer, as his satanic gifts to the world. Before his invention of the “god of soccer,” he (Satan) had created several thousands of dead gods for the ignorant Human Race to worship. And without any objection whatsoever, the HuMAN Race had and has been swallowing all satanic baits hooks, lines and sinkers.”

Addressing the issue of the footballer and coaches getting involved in occultism and sorcery, she says,

“Some players and coaches get involved in sorcery or occultism to boost the influence of this demon and to secure his support and favour. Thus, the game of football has become a fascinating one globally. This is the function or handiwork of the demon (spirit) behind football.”

The book also contains prayer points for those who want to get rid of the spirit of football.

Indeed, there are many evangelists from Nigeria, Turkey and South Africa who have stated that they returned from hell and have educated the public on the need to avoid hell. A South African pastor, Paseka ‘Mboro’ Motsoeneng, goes further to tell us that he took selfies in heaven, photos that are yet to be shown to the public.


Several Nigerians have taken to Twitter to criticise and make fun of the evangelist.

See some of the tweets below:

You can also trust Nigerian parents to get into their protection mode and disseminate the message the best way they can.

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