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Nine Effective Weight Loss Strategies

Weight loss is a tricky business and is often difficult to achieve as is weight gain. While there are effective ways to lose weight, they are not absolute and may not work sometimes.

Below are effective tips for those willing to lose weight:

Set weight loss goals

Goal setting raises your commitment levels and keeps you grounded. It is imperative to discuss your goals with your healthcare team to avoid making unrealistic goals.

Eat a balanced diet in smaller portions

Try new food. Photo: hors d oeuvre

What this entails is that per meal, divide the quantity of meals into fractions and space out the meal over a period, say four hours.

You can also consider intermittent fasting – an eating pattern where you switch between periods of eating and fasting.

Start exercising

Exercises increase metabolic activity and reduce body fat. This ranges from simple bedside exercises, and short walks to reduce sedentary activities, to intensive work out.

The key principle here is to be disciplined and consistent.

Monitor your weight

Self-weight monitoring and recording will go a long way in helping your behaviour in relation to your weight loss goals.

Avoid late dinners

During your weight loss journey, late dinners must be cut out especially any form of snacking past 10 pm!

Avoid soda, alcohol and related drinks


Taking soda or alcohol is counterproductive. These food items are dense in calories and nutrient deficient so they should be reduced to a minimum or avoided.

Find a buddy

Research has shown that this helps to keep you grounded and adhere to the program faithfully, knowing you are accountable to some authority.

Drink water

Close-up of a woman drinking water from a bottle | Jess Kitchen

Water boosts your metabolism and helps burn off more calories. Drinking water not only quells your thirst and nourishes your body cells but it also assists with weight loss when taken before each meal.

Sleep well

Sleeping Child. Photo: Xibaaru

This is often overlooked but may be as effective as exercising and eating healthy. Thus, it is very important to sleep well and sleep regularly.

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