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Nine Tips For Networking On A Trip

Networking while travelling gives you a chance to meet professionals from other parts of the world with whom you can exchange ideas and best practices. Their advice, contacts or mentoring could prove invaluable.

Meeting new people opens your mind and expands your growing network of friends. It helps you build relationships that are essential for personal and professional growth. Here are some tips for networking successfully on the go:

Women who just met. Photo: Vogue InDigital

Set a goal

How many people do you intend to meet every day? What do you hope to achieve with your trip? Networking is a skill that needs to be practised and setting small goals can help. It doesn’t matter whether they are in your industry or not if your goal is to meet new people. You can filter out those with your shared tastes and interests over time.

Put the word out

Let everyone know that you are heading to certain cities. You can use your social media platforms, email, alumni network or already existing communities or groups you have. You can also ask friends or people you know who have been to that place for more information.

State what you want

When sharing the word that you are travelling to a place, be specific about what you’re looking for. State the business or area in which you want to meet people, mention the dates you will be in that city and ask for introductions. You can tag people you feel can be very helpful. Tell them what you’re looking for and, if they can’t help, they can introduce you to those that can.


Go for it

Networking is all about building rapport, connections and eventually relationships with people. It’s difficult to do this if you keep to yourself. Muster some courage to approach people and introduce yourself. It all starts there. Remember to ask questions, listen, maintain eye contact and smile.

Attend networking events

Do some research and try to attend an event happening while you are visiting. Don’t forget to carry your business cards along and be free to tell your story. Brief conversations could lead to further introductions.

Organise your agenda

After the introductions, plan to meet with as many people as you can. It’s easier to meet all the people you were introduced to before the trip on the first day, and leave the rest of the days for further introductions or others you might meet.

Be openly curious

Have you ever made a comment out loud about something and then had others start a conversation because of what you said? This also helps when networking. Openly expressing your curiosity may spark up the conversation you need.

Men meeting. Photo: Pexels

Share your moments

Networking is not limited to events or connections. You can strike up a conversation or look for opportunities to talk to new people. Visiting new places gives you a chance to encounter special moments, and you don’t have to do that alone. You never know; those small conversations could turn into business opportunities or relationships you will cherish forever.

Follow up

Note down necessary information about your contacts — like their organisation, what they do and things they like — that you can use to remember the conversations you had. Remember to follow up with them after if you want to continue building the relationship.

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