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1-year-old Boy Hands Back Empty Bottle To Driver Who Threw It On The Road

Sun Jiarui

Sun Jiarui | Ladible

Keep the roads clean! A toddler named Sun Jiarui may have unknowingly played his part in keeping the streets clean after he was caught on camera handing back an empty plastic bottle that someone had thrown out from their car window.

The adorable moment was caught on camera by the boy’s mum Jing Lulu who is in the habit of filming her son when they go out for their daily walks.


In the video, the one year and three months old child who lives in the city of Jining in eastern China’s Shandong Province with his mum was seen waking over and picking up an empty bottle thrown from a parked car. He then passed it back through the car’s window.

After the video was shared online by Lulu, many social media praised the boy for his action while the driver was shamed for littering.

Speaking to The Daily Mail about the incident, Lulu said her son was most likely trying to be helpful and had probably assumed the person dropped the bottle by mistake, so was simply returning it. She told the newspaper that little Sun is a ‘polite and curious child and always respects the elderly’.

Jing added:

“That day, he probably thought the bottle had fallen from the car by accident. He is a very uncomplicated child. If he sees other people drop stuff, he always helps to pick up.

“He is only one year and three months old and probably doesn’t have a strong sense of environmental protection, but his action taught the driver a lesson.”

Whether Jiarui was simply being a polite toddler by handing the bottle back to the driver or not, social media users have seen him as a budding environmental protection activitist.

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