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Olubiyi Oluwatobiloba: Àgbà And The Art Of Entertainment

Olubiyi “Agba” Oluwatobiloba

Every day we are barraged with hundreds of contents across different platforms, however, only a few stand out enough to attract our ever-decreasing attention span.

Olubiyi Oluwatobiloba, who is better known by his personas “Àgbà” or “Oli Ekun”, is a fast-rising social media comedian and content creator. From creating skits on social media just over a year ago, he has gone on to work with brands such as Guinness Nigeria, star in a film as well as perform a John Boyega-endorsed voice over.

In a chat with The Guardian Life, Olubiyi discussed his life and craft and not forgetting his favourite pick up line.


Tell us a bit about your background?
My name is Olubiyi Oluwatobiloba also known as Àgbà or Oli Ekun. I’m from Abeokuta, Ogun State. I graduated from the University of Ibadan in 2016 where I studied Adult Education. I started making skits July 2019 with the brand name “Àgbà”, a wealthy & promiscuous Yoruba man. I also make content outside the Àgbà persona as Oli Ekun.

How did you discover comedy? Was it a career path you had always wanted?
I used to sing back in school and I never saw myself going into comedy. I have always had a great sense of humour but I did not know my destiny would shift like that. I made a video for my friend Solape on Twitter last year and it blew up so I just took it from there and kept creating more videos. I had always wanted to be a musician but when I was much younger, my father told me I would make a great entertainer. This career path chose me and it’s been really fantastic.

Walk us through your content creation process from idea to execution
I treat content creation like art. I always want to be different. Sometimes, I just pick my phone up and go off the top. I do that with the Àgbà character most times. Other times, I think of funny angles no one else sees and take my time to polish the idea. You can create content out of anything and I always make sure I’m as entertaining as possible. Before execution, ideas play in my head and I just tell myself “Yes, the audience will love this” then go ahead.

Your contents can be accessed freely on social media, how do you monetise your content?
Brands always want to advertise their products so they reach out to me. I have a rate card and a list of options they can choose from.

Olubiyi Oluwatobiloba

One of your artistic persona “Agba” is an old rich and promiscuous Yoruba man, what inspired this character?
My Dad and I used to go to the club to have fun with his friends. Those are some of the nastiest men you’ll ever come across. They inspired the Àgbà character, I added a few things like sexual humour and code-mixing to spice it up.

What is your favourite pick up line?
“Mama, mo fe ká jọ de Bora Bora ká lọ ní nice time. Kò wọ something Skimpy while we sip Cocktails. KoniBajeBaby” – Mama, I want us to go to Bora Bora to go and have a nice time. Get into something Skimpy while we sip Cocktails. You’re covered, I got you baby.”

What are some of the challenges and criticisms you have experienced and how have you dealt with them?
It has been good reviews so far. I always make sure people understand “Àgbà” isn’t Oluwatobiloba. It’s all jokes. I make sure I don’t sexually harass women when I put out content. The only challenge I have faced was when I had to quit my Master’s program last year because I was new to creating content and didn’t know how to juggle that with Education. I’ve learnt a lot of things these past few months and I’m ready to go back to school to get my Masters degree in Media studies.

You recently earned a role in a family drama, how was it venturing into acting? And should your fans expect to see more of you on the big screen?
The title of the film is Introducing The Kujus, and thanks to The Temple Management Company, I got my first movie role ever. Mr Idris Olorunnimbe took me in as a son and trusted me to deliver. I’m a very dramatic person so acting comes easy to me. It is totally different from making skits because you really have to sell it. I’m still learning a lot of things and yes, I hope to be on the big screen for a very long time by God’s grace.

What do you do for leisure when you are not creating content?
I’m always listening to music or playing video games. I listen to any genre as long as it’s sonically pleasing. When I’m not doing that, I’m watching films or throwing bants with my friends. They inspire a lot of my material.

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