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People Confuse Toughness For Hatred – Kaffy


Kaffy | The Whistler

Top Nigerian dancer Kafayat Shafau better known as Kaffy in an Instagram Live chat has disclosed that many people confuse toughness for hatred.

Kaffy who is a Guinness World Record breaker for dance made it clear that while she does not have the capacity to hate, she is not one to pat people in the back during the course of training.


She said:

“Some dancers will come and expect me to pat them on the back. I am not going to pat you on the back because life will not pat you on the back. I will (only) pat you when it is necessary and correct you when it is needed. Sometimes, people confuse your toughness for hatred. I don’t have the capacity to hate.

“If you come to me saying you want to learn how I got to where I am, I would show you the way life showed it to me. My rehearsals are my motivational speaking sessions. Anytime we rehearse, I speak to my dancers. I do it for them to understand my direction and mindset.”

Kaffy also touched on the issue of being able to speak fluently. According to her, some people are surprised to hear her speak fluently but she says she has always been this way.

She said;

“When I started out as a dancer, I always spoke fluently and because I spoke fluently, that made an impression on those I was talking to. People were shocked that I could speak fluently. I don’t have what it takes to make someone ‘blow’; I can only impart knowledge and try to help you when you ask for it.”

Kaffy in 2018 talked about growing up with the dream of becoming an Aeronautical Engineer and how she never thought dancing would be the career to bring her to limelight.

She said:

“For me, dance has never always been what I would have thought would put me on this platform. I had always wanted to be an Aeronautic Engineer; I loved science and Math so much, in fact, the harder the maths the more I fell in love.

“So why I was planning to be an Engineer was because I said I want to do something that will shake humanity coupled with the fact that they were no female aeronautics engineer at that time.”

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