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Plvyboi Pluto: A Different Breed

Plvyboi Pluto

In the words of popular Netflix show Stranger Things, “in a world full of tens, be an Eleven”. The artiste formerly known as Uchechukwu Godwin is an embodiment of this quote and has gone through the motions to become Plvyboi Pluto.
His unconventional style of music, colorful lifestyle and intense openness are a few reasons why he cannot be overlooked. His originality simply commands that you pay him attention.

He recently sat down with The Guardian Life to discuss his awakening, the struggle of artistes doing something different from the norm and his undying love for music.

Who is Plvyboi Pluto?
To be honest I really don’t know. Funny as it sounds, I’m still searching for who I am. Sometimes I think I’ve got multiple personality disorder so in that sort of way it makes it difficult to know who I truly am. But I believe one day I’ll be able to give an answer to this question.

You were formerly known as ‘Afrowonder’ , what prompted the moniker change?
Well some things did change and it wasn’t just the Moniker I used to think Afro Wonder was the strongest of us all. I envied his [speaking in the third person about Afrowonder] ability to hold pain inside for so long. I envied his ability to give love and his constant need to help people in need. But you can’t keep giving love out and have the rest of us needing it. That’s foolishness. He was too scared to use the mind. And there was only so much he could bear, we watched the weight drain him. Till he couldn’t breathe, we couldn’t let him die so we had to make a decision.

Plvyboi Pluto

How long have you been making music and what sparked your interest?
To be honest, I Just started. I guess I just love music.

How would you best describe the music you make?
I make music for people who love themselves. You’ve got to love yourself to enjoy my music.

Kindly breakdown your latest release ‘Peace Of Mind’ for us, what was your thought process through the making of that song?
Well that was the period Afro Wonder left. There was chaos upstairs. So many voices so nobody could make a decision. Everyone’s still talking, but it’s not as loud as it used to be.

Is it part of a larger project?
Yes, Peace of Mind is part of something bigger and it’ll be clear in due time.

What are some challenges of being an unconventional artiste in the Nigerian music industry?
The constant repetition of the phrases “It won’t sell in Nigeria”, “If it’s not Afrobeat forget it,” “You’re forgetting you’re in Nigeria bro”.

I mean yeah I’m aware of that but music is not just for Nigeria alone and I’m not making music for just the financial gain of it, there are people who are going through the same situation, there are people who need to be free mentally, there are people going through madness silently, there are people who have had their trust broken to the simplest form, there are people who need to wake up and start loving themselves there are people still searching for who they really are they need to know they’re not alone and I may not have the life hack figured out but we can take the steps together.

What inspires your music?
My music is inspired by the feeling of knowing how amazing life is on your own and the constant hunger for growth mentally and spiritually also Inspires me to keep making music too. In a way, I see it as speaking to myself also. So I’m healing myself and trying to help others heal.

Who would you love to work with professionally, home and abroad?
Got a couple of em though, not sure I want to mention names now.

What does good music mean to you?
Good music has easy access to the soul and mind.

What can fans expect from Plvyboi Pluto in the future?
The best I can say is I’m still working. That answer is best known to God. He’s the only one that knows the future. But then again he said that his will is “of good” so I hope that’s enough for the fans, for now we are all on cruise control.

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Plvyboi Pluto
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