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What You Need To Know About Protective Styling for Hair

Welcome to the era of rocking your God-given hair. With the increase in costs of attachment, rocking your hair (natural or relaxed) appears to be a smart option. The problem of often combing or styling your hair regularly can lead to hair breakage. Protective styling is becoming more popular as it solves the issue of hair loss and quite easy to maintain, unlike some wigs or attachment.

A protective style is any kind of hair configuration that keeps the hair ends safely tucked away so they don’t break off. A major benefit of these protective hairdos is that its require very little daily upkeep and help strands stay moisturized which in turn prevents hair breakage.

Protective hairdos also promote hair growth since the wearer is not constantly combing the hair which often causes hair stands to break off from the scalp. Not all beautiful braids, twists and weaved hairstyles that look great are actually protective. Any hairdo that does not protect the hair ends is not a protective style.

When creating protective styles ensure that the hair is not held too tight, make sure your hair is clean, deep-conditioned and moisturized prior to creating the style so you don’t end up shedding hair.

Most people often make the mistake of thinking tucking in their hair ends away will save the hair from breakage. If you do not moisturize properly before making a protective hair, then you will end up shedding your hair because the hair is quite brittle from dryness.

Also, leaving protective styles in for too long can also cause the hair to lose moisture which will cause hair breakage. Protective styling is only one part of your hair growth journey. To improve your hair growth generally, you need to change your entire hair regimen to suit your goal.

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