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R. Kelly Survivor Dominique Gardner “Doesn’t Want Him In Prison”

Dominique Gardner, one of the women who “survived R. Kelly”, gave new details about her experience with the troubled singer and through her words, one can tell that she is still getting over him.


In her interview with The New Yorker, Gardner described her nine years with Kelly and she mentioned that at one point, she was one of six women living with him, and she even appeared in the doc Surviving R. Kelly when her mom Michelle Kramer tracked her down in Los Angeles to get her to leave Kelly’s alleged “cult.”
Gardner confirmed some of the things other women have said about living with Kelly. He replaces his girlfriends’ phones with ones they could only use with him, he wouldn’t let them contact their family, he didn’t let them look or speak to other men, and he encouraged them to wear baggy gym clothes so other men wouldn’t look at them.

Gardner even confirmed that they had to ask permission to eat and go to the bathroom.
Gardner said she often disobeyed him and suffered what she described as “consequences,” including spankings, slappings, beatings and being hit with an extension cord. Once, after she threw a carrot at Robert, “he grabbed me and he pulled my hair out, and I had, like, patches torn from my hair.”

Despite all the things Kelly has done to Gardner, she still doesn’t believe he should go to prison. She brings up Kelly’s past, including his alleged experience with being molested, as a reason.

“I’m not trying to defend him and what he has done, but, at the end of the day, you don’t understand what he’s been through, as a child,” Gardner said. “I feel like he should be on house arrest in a studio, because, like I said, his music makes him get through the situations, what’s he going through. Jail time, no. He needs to have a twenty-four-hour therapist at his house.”

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