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Review: A Michelle’s Breakfast

On Wednesday morning, the weather was very confused on if it wanted to rain or shine bright but I was sure of my decision to have breakfast at Michelle’s Café. So, I made my way to the café located at Fourteen36 Mall on Sanusi Fafunwa in Victoria Island.


Fun fact is that I had been to this mall a while back to review Wrap City, which has now moved out from the mall, and this cafe was almost in the same spot.


The café isn’t made for a crowd, as it only had enough space to sit 10 people on their fullest days. There was also a table outside, which I guess is for days when customers spill through the door as well as if push ever came to shove.

I ordered the first thing on their menu which caught my eye, the English breakfast. Whoever said breakfast was the most important meal of the day had it right and the English breakfast option at Michelle’s Café had that in mind too. The breakfast meal had toast, mushrooms, baked beans, bacon, eggs, sausage and tea. Although the original menu came with black tea, I opted for raspberry and cranberry flavoured tea.

I had a time frame of ten minutes for my meal to arrive and they stuck to it. It was a generous platter for a decent amount considering the location of the café. The toast was a good balance of crispy and soft, which went well with the butter. The bacon and sausage were on point! The eggs were okay and I had a good experience with the mushrooms.  I’m never one to have mushrooms but after this meal, let’s just say, I would no longer be biased to having mushrooms in my meal.

The attendant was nice and attentive. I was the only client in the café at the time, which is understandable considering I arrived very early in the morning. Although there were a lot of takeout orders made and delivered for the better part of my stay.

The downside to this experience as much as I loved it was the repairs going on which the attendant and owner (I’m guessing) kept apologising for. Also, the network inside the mall was poor, which takes from the experience of you being able to work while you’re there.

Would I be going back to Michelle’s Cafe? Definitely. It’s an ideal spot to grab breakfast or make your own salad on the Island while you wait for a meeting or two.



English Breakfast: 2,000

Flavoured tea: 300

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