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Rings: Does The Size Of The Diamond Matter?

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and the bigger the rock the better the relationship, in some people’s opinion. When a girl is proposed to, it is natural that her friends and family gather, gush and giggle. It gets even more exciting if the ring is the size of Olumo rock. Then she will beam brightly as her friends turn green in envy.

The size of the ring given to her sometimes tags the man in question a “good man” and people automatically conclude that he loves her so much for getting her a ring with stones so large it weighs down her hand. The question is, does the size of the ring guarantee they will have a nice trip to old age without taking a detour to divorce or separation?

If the size of the stone is important, then some unions that didn’t even have an engagement will not exist and all the divorces and separations where millions of naira worth of stone was invested will not have hit the rocks.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson had a whirlwind romance with him proposing with a ring worth almost N36 million($100,000) but then a few months after the engagement, they ended the relationship.


For some men, getting an engagement ring requires a lot- there is the question of fit, preference, what will make her happy, aesthetics and what he can afford (unless he is stingy).

If someone can measure all that emotion and the indescribable feeling of love into the size of a ring, then divorce and separations and heartbreaks should have a solution- A huge engagement ring, after all, diamonds are forever.

Weighing the size of an engagement ring is putting a price on the relationship. Will it be preferable to get a big stone or a big heart?

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