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Seven Tips On Staying Healthy While Travelling

Travelling, as fun as it may be, can sometimes be a bother and that takes a toll on your health, making it tough to stay fit while on the move.

Changing your routine means you may be unable to carry out your meticulously developed diet and fitness habits. However, it doesn’t have to be all bad. Here are a few tips to make sure that, no matter how long you are on the road, you can still keep fit:

1. Research

Find as much information about your destination as you can before your journey. Also, take note of the number of days you will be away for. Are there restaurants nearby? Healthy food stores? A farmer’s market? If you are looking for an adventure, getting in the know before you leave is your best bet in maximising the experience.

2. Book the right hotel

A standard hotel with a gym will enable you to workout early in the morning before your activities of the day. You don’t necessarily need a sophisticated gym as minimal workouts will do.

3. Don’t skip meals

Healthy eating. Photo: Zumi

Food is imperative for travelling because you need the energy to carry out activities of the day. It also nourishes your body. It is, however, important to note that you should endeavour to know what you are eating to avoid indigestion or any illnesses. If you want to experiment, keep things simple.

4. Exercise

Drink water and exercise. Photo: Ezyfit

In a new area, doing elaborate workouts may be difficult. A way to bypass this is to do stretches, sit ups, press ups, burpees or take short sprints. These can be done in a confined area. When you can do more, take a brisk walk, swim, go cycling or go for a jog. It is great cardio for keeping your health in order. It is also a wonderful way to explore the local area. You’ll often discover hidden gems this way. Many fitness apps are available on the market to use as a guide to fitness on the go.

5. Engage in soft exercise

Fitness app. Photo: Digital Trends

Take the stairs and do some yoga. One great piece of advice to follow here is: “If you can walk it, take a walk!” Skipping is also a great way to keep fit, and it is quite popular among professional sportsmen. Take out five minutes of your schedule in the mornings and evenings to skip.

6. Avoid the sugar temptation

Fresh food. Photo: UnliTips

When travelling, it is easy to fall prey to the sugar temptation. However, sugar is the enemy and the less you take, the better. Instead, drink a lot of water to refresh you and keep you hydrated.

7. Get enough sleep

Sleep. Photo: Mortgages

The importance of sleep cannot be overemphasised. When you are on the road, try to get at least eight hours of sleep every day.

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