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Shock Rocks South Africa As Timothy Omotosho Rape Trial Is Aired Live

South Africa has been hit by shock and expressed disdain at the actions of defence lawyer for 60-year-old Nigerian televangelist Timothy Omotoso who was accused of sexual assault.

The witness who made the allegations, said she was raped while she was 14 years old.

South Africa has a high rate of sexual assault occuring everyday with more than 100 reports made daily.

The case has attracted a lot of attention as it is the first prominent case to be aired for the whole nation to witness. The nature of the proceeding has raised so many questions about victim’s rights, impartiality and justice being served amid cameras in the court.

The accuser who came forward Cheryl Zondi now 22 years old had received death threats before the proceedings.

During the trial, the victim was said to have been badgered with distressing questions and innuendos implying that she had consented and was wrongfully accusing the televangelist.

The judge stopped the cross examination saying that the line the defence lawyer was towing was unnecesary.

She had tesified that that Mr Omotoso, a pastor in Jesus Dominion international church had quoted the bible and threatening God’s anger if she refused and had reportedly raped her when she was 14.
The defence lawyer, Peter Dauberman attempted ro discredit her testimony saying, “You’re a good actress,”

“I put it to you that you are lying about what happened to you.

“You were prepared to let him rape you?

“You basically consented?” he asked, referring to later alleged incidents when Ms Zondi was an adult.

Mr Omotoso has denied the allegation and seemed unbothered by the trial as he is seen smiling through the proceedings, dressing conspicuously in multi colored suits.

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