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Signs You Are Not Getting Enough Water

There is nothing more refreshing than a glass of water when you’re stressed, fatigued or thirsty. We tend to take water for granted as we live our daily lives and sometimes deprive ourselves of the healthiest mineral on earth. Here are some pointers that indicate you might not be getting enough hydration.

  • Dry Skin

The skin is the most visible organ in the body and it’s usually the first sign of health or illness. Dry skin is one of the earliest signs of dehydration and can lead to other complications if not managed properly. Lack of water could result in lack of sweat which means the body would be unable to wash away excess dirt on the skin.

  • Digestive Issues

Staying hydrated helps strengthen the mucus in the stomach walls and prevents stomach acids from doing any damage. A lack of water weakens the mucus and that leads to indigestion.

  • Sickness Lasts Longer

Water helps the body to constantly flush out poisonous substances that might be harmful t0 the body in future. When the organs are dehydrated, the body starts to borrow oxygen from the blood and this could lead to other complications. If the individual is already ill, recovery will take a longer time.

  • Fatigue

As stated earlier, when the body lacks water it borrows from the blood which is the major carrier of oxygen in the body. A deficiency in oxygen could lead to tiredness., fatigue and lack of stamina.

  • Joint Pains

To keep the bones from grinding against each other, water is vital because cartilages and spinal discs are made up of mostly water. Staying hydrated keeps the bones in proper shape to absorb the shock from sudden movements.

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