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Skincare And Beauty Trends To Say Goodbye To In This Decade

beauty black woman making shhh! on the violet background | Image: Beyond Black & White

In retrospect, the end of a year and another decade is fast running to an end which for most of us calls for sober reflection. Sober reflection takes different forms and in this case, we would be considering beauty mistakes and trends that should “pass away” with this decade never to be seen again.

Like everything else, all through the years, we have seen several beauty statements and trends come and go with a few resurrecting after many years and others never to be seen again. With natural dewy makeup looks becoming more popular, colourful eyeshadows finding its way into the limelight and graphic eyeliners also taking a front seat, the last decade has given us more beauty trends than ever seen.


On the other hand, there are bad beauty trends that also need to be tucked away alongside the memories of this decade. Let’s take a walk through memory lane and bid these egregious beauty trends goodbye just about the right way. Shall we?

A makeup wipe. | Image: Glamour

Makeup Wipes
Convenient and handy as great ways to remove makeup from the skin, using makeup wipes is, unfortunately, one trend we need to let go of and not only for the environment but also for the skin. With more focus being placed on skincare in beauty, discovering the harsh, horrid effects of makeup wipes on the skin is certainly making headlines.

These wipes do not totally clean makeup off the skin as they are formulated to breakdown makeup and clean the surface of the skin leaving the pores untouched. Not only that, they can cause micro-tears in the skin which advances its ageing process causing wrinkles and fine lines. The chemicals used in these wipes can also disrupt the skin’s PH balance causing skin problems like acne.

When considering eco-friendly beauty, remember that makeup wipes are not environmentally friendly. With over a million pounds of wipes reportedly being used daily and the glaring climate change awareness, it is no surprise that a lot of people are letting makeup wipes go along with the old decade.


Heavy Makeup
Among other things, this decade saw heavy makeup trends to the fullest, from thickly concealed brows to overlined red lips and heavily contoured faces, this decade was the era of trials. Learning from this era of heavy makeup coupled with having to wear a mask all day, it is no surprise that lighter, dewy and more natural makeup looks became more popular in 2020.

We have to agree that lighter breathable makeup looks keeps the skin in prime condition and lets you go about your day without worrying about your makeup sliding off or staining your mask. What better way to start a new year in the middle of a global pandemic than choosing a makeup look that focuses on skin work and skincare over heaviness.

Thick Metallic Lipstick
A frenzied beauty essential between 2017 and 2018, we are glad to see this trend pass away. With each passing year, the rush for it has dwindled drastically which makes it likely to resurface in the next decade.

Now, we’re not saying get rid of it totally, instead our argument is why not keep it for Halloween or that once in a blue moon event you choose to go all out for. New lip beauty trends focus more on subtle features in contrast with the excessively bold and sharp jarring lipstick colour of before, a trend we stand by and push with our full chests.

No Sunscreen
Going out without sunscreen come 2021 should be made a crime punishable by makeup jail if possible. Every minute spent under the sun without applying sunscreen is a minute spent damaging your skin. As we crossover into a new decade, we would like to say a big bye to UV rays, hyperpigmentation, skin cancer and every damaging effect of the sun on the skin.

The only way to neutralise the damaging effect of UV exposure is by incorporating sunscreen to your daily skincare routine. Experts would tell you that if you’re serious about your skin, SPF is non-negotiable.

Every skincare guru, dermatologist and skincare expert would tell you that bleaching or “toning” does nothing good for the skin except dry it out and make it a prime candidate for skin problems.

This is the time to take out all bleaching, toning, and whitening products from your skincare routine and instead focus of hydrating, rejuvenating products that would plump your melanin and give it a pearly finish.

With the ever-increasing presence of ‘skincare gurus,’ several routines and rules have been laid down for us to acquire the much-desired translucent skin. Exfoliating has proven to take the number one spot several times even in this decade.

The euphoria of the afterglow that comes with each exfoliating process and its capacity to remove dead skin cells almost immediately, lighten spots, give an overall refreshing look amongst others has made a lot of people turn to abusing it.

Exfoliation should be done once a week or twice. Anything more is capable of upsetting the skin causing redness and irritation. Now, you wouldn’t want to harm your dear skin, would you?

As we hope for better beauty trends, we also hope for undamaged skin too.

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